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Monthly Archives: September 2012


Learing To Choose Quality Cut Bait – And, What To Do With Marginal Cut Bait When The Good Stuff Isn’t Available

By Paul LeFebvre | 09/17/2012 As I continue to network with good salmon fishermen in the Pacific Northwest one thing I keep finding is guys are very picky about their bait. Careful attention is paid to how the baits are prepared, packaged and handled during use. This holds true here in Southern Oregon, too. I [...]

Fine Tune Your Eggs – Sacramento River Style

By Scott Feist | 09/14/2012 Editor’s Note: Eggs can be cured a myriad of different ways. This blog focuses on California’s Sacramento River and what eggs are conducive to the clarity, flows, volume and water temperature there. Feel free to try this cure courtesy of Pautzke pro Scott Feist of Feisty Fish Guide Service. Over [...]

Mixing Cures To Obtain The Perfect Flourescent Egg

By John Albrich | 09/12/2012 Fall salmon is one of my favorite times of the year. The fishing is normally good, eggs are readily available and I get to cure a lot of them. During salmon season I make a habit of bringing several different eggs. Salmon can be finicky. I never know what type [...]

A Snack Salmon Can’t Resist: Tuna/Egg Bites

By Duane Inglin | 09/06/2012 Whether in Alaska, The Pacific Northwest, California or the Great Lakes we all have our favorite salmon fisheries. Some of them tend to be productive each fall, while others require more effort. Still, not all Chinook systems are equal. On some of my favorite rivers a dark red Pautzke FireCured [...]

Lake Huron’s Salmon On The Rebound

By Josh Choronzey | 09/05/2012 It was 8 pm and another king was lying on the floor of my buddy’s 16-foot aluminum tiller rig. This was the third Chinook larger than 14 pounds to hit the deck within an hour and a half.  The bronze bomber inhaled a red label herring, which was soaking in [...]