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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Salmon Munching Nectar Soaked Tuna Balls On The Upper Klamath

By Steven Theel | 10/23/2012 On the Rogue we call it hunting. When we are salmon fishing here in Southern Oregon we’re looking for one-to-three fish a day. If you catch five consider it an accomplishment; you are sitting in one of the best boats out there. However, crossing south into the Golden State on [...]

Big Push Over, But Klamath River Pigs Have Arrived

By Mick Thomas | 10/22/2012 It’s been a challenging year on the Lower Klamath River. There’s been a massive amount of salmon in the river, meanwhile the bite wasn’t indicative of the numbers. I’ve noticed a few differences between this year and the last few. First off, I’ve seen less biters in this year’s crop. [...]

Duane’s Secret: Do You Have The NAK For Fishing?

By Duane Inglin | 10/14/2012 I’m often asked which scents I use. And, while there are many options available I now only use three: Pautzke Nectar, anise and krill. These scents, when combined and mixed properly, make a difference. Nectar, Anise, Krill or "NAK", as I call it, is the additive I rely on for [...]

Lower Water Forcing Anglers To Cure More Eggs On The Oswego This Fall

By Kevin Davis | 10/05/2012 For the last few weeks here in Upstate NY it’s seemed like Groundhog Day. I launch my boat and get the same number of bites in the same spot everyday. On a normal year there’s countless spots I could fish, but this fall I’m pinned to one tiny section because [...]

Salmon & Spinners Providing Action On The Lower Sacramento River

By Danny Layne | 10/04/2012 I love guiding for salmon. Meanwhile, for the last six years I’ve spent the fall fishing the Motherlode lakes for planted rainbow trout and landlocked king salmon. It’s been fun, but a different kind of excitement from what I was used to doing with my clients between 1998-2006. Prior the [...]

The Return of The Feather

By Rick Kennedy | 10/03/2012 It’s been a long time since I fished the Feather River. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy taking clients to the Feather, because I did. However, opportunities in the high elevation lakes became more of a demand. Eagle Lake was booming, kokanee on Stampede, Boca and Donner was outstanding and [...]

Smelt Fish Sticks: It’s What’s For Dinner In Steelhead Alley

By Ben See | 10/02/2012 It’s the beginning of steelhead season in the Northeast and the most common buzz, aside from finding steelhead, is where can I get eggs? Historically, Steelhead Alley is approached with roe bags and or skein attached to a hook, using an egg loop. However, many anglers forget our steelhead eat more [...]