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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Southern Ontario Locked Up With Ice: Steelhead Fishing Expect To Return Soon

By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 02/28/2014 Following and understanding steelhead migration patterns year-round in the Great Lakes are crucial to having productive days on the waters you fish. When float fishing with Fire Cure, BorX O Fire, or Fire Brined roe, knowing where these fish are situated in the river systems and how they feed [...]

Techniques For Great Lakes Pre-Spawn Steelhead

By Kyle McClelland | 02/27/2014 Being a die-hard steelhead angler in Northern Michigan, March is by far one of my favorite months. As the first whispers of spring fill the air, chrome steelhead can be found throughout most Great Lakes tributaries in pursuit of their annual spawning mission. Early spring temperatures and aggressive steelhead bring [...]

Steelhead Flooding into Tributaries in North Central Washington

By Brad Wagner | 02/26/2014 As they say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and with that in mind we are expecting some ferociously good fishing for steelhead this March on the Wenatchee and Methow rivers. As the water on these two rivers warms up and gets closer to the [...]

Size Matters: Choosing The Right Bait For Steelhead Success

By Jason Schultz | 02/25/2014 The weather is looking good here in Idaho. All the rivers are all coming into shape and chances are that the steelhead fishing should be on fire this week. It might be a great time to head to one of the local rivers and get in on the good fishing [...]

Chehalis System Steelhead Should Show Through March

By Bill Swann | 02/24/2014 The steelhead season on the West Coast of Washington has been a roller coaster so far. With the weather we’ve had, we’ve experienced drastic highs and lows. We’ve seen no rain followed by too much rain. Our rivers have gone from bone dry to flood stage. Fortunately, where we stand [...]

Niagara Steelhead Bite Expected To Roll Into Mid May

By Ted Kessler | 02/23/2014 It’s been like fishing in heaven the last two days on the Lower Niagara River. It was 35 degrees and there was no wind. But the five days before that it’s was brutal. In fact, this is the toughest winter I’ve ever fished up here. I know it’s late February, [...]

Clearwater To Fish Well Till Mid March – Then Slow

By Toby Wyatt | 02/22/2014 There’s going to be steelhead in the Clearwater system through March. However, I’ve been fishing steelhead so long it’s about to be time for me to do something new. Come mid March I’ll be heading down the Columbia to target springers, but right now steelhead fishing on the Clearwater is [...]