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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Chattooga River Trout Small, Yet Plentiful

By Chris Shaffer | 03/30/2014 While most of South Carolina is dominated by fishing for warm water species a portion of the Upstate offers anglers an excellent chance to catch trout. Dozens of rivers, creeks and lakes are stocked frequently with rainbows, browns and brooks. In fact, so many streams in the vicinity of Anderson, [...]

Cherokee Rainbows Munching on Salmon Eggs

By Chris Shaffer | 03/28/2014 Trout season in the Southeast is ready to blast off as soon as tomorrow in some states. And, while many states have been planting fish throughout the winter, the largest numbers of stocked rainbows, browns and brooks in this part of the country will take place in April and May. [...]

Oregon Coast Lakes Packed With Planted Trout

By Andy Martin | 03/27/2014 For my family, Spring Break includes a longtime tradition of fishing for trout in lakes and reservoirs throughout Oregon and Northern California. The tradition goes back several generations. When my father was growing up, my grandfather would take him to different trout lakes each April to fill the creel with [...]

Spring Steelhead Madness Begins on Lake Huron

By Josh Choronzey | 03/25/2014 Artic Vortex is a term Ontario steelheaders will be happy to forget now that winter is slowly loosening its grip on the Province. Late March has arrived and with it, the spring steelhead season is starting to kick in.   In terms of a harsh and late winter, Ontario has taken [...]

Plunkers Catching Steelhead On Lake Ontario’s North Shore

By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 03/23/2014 Plunking, otherwise known as bottom-bouncing or surf-casting in fisherman lingo, is a change in pace compared to targeting steelhead by float-fishing, trolling or casting hardware. It is a very simple, inexpensive and ‘laid-back’ technique to target staging steelhead at river mouths in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) prior to [...]

Fresh Steelhead & Down Runners Clogging The Salmon River

By Andy Bliss | 03/21/2014 We have three stages of fish in the Salmon River right now. We have fresh fish, fish that are staging to spawn and some steelhead that are post spawn fish. There’s a lot of fish in the system right now. It seems like the Salmon River is loaded.   I [...]

Browns & Steelhead Making A Show in Southeast Wisconsin

By John Reddy | 03/20/2014 Old Man Winter has a firm grip in the Great Lakes, especially along the west coast of Lake Michigan. Nearly breaking records for ice coverage this year, at the peak we had an average of 24” to 30” of ice in our protected harbor and marina areas in Southeast Wisconsin. [...]

Brutal Cold Weather Has the Oswego Bite the Best In 20 Years

By Kevin Davis | 03/18/2014 Fishing was off and on the last few weeks on the Oswego River here in Upstate New York. However, in the last week the water has come up and the motherlode of browns, steelhead and trout came up with it.   For March, this is the best fishing I’ve ever [...]

Big Late Push of Steelhead Expected on the Wilson

By Big Dave Manners | 03/13/2014 It’s been a slow season for most anglers on the Wilson River. However, as far as the forecast goes for the rest of the steelhead season, I’m predicting we are going to see some big numbers over the next three weeks. We started the season with low, clear water. [...]

Rogue Steelhead Bite Just Getting Started

By Steven Theel | 03/12/2014 Whereas many Pacific Northwest rivers start to wind down for winter steelhead the Upper Rogue is just getting started in March. The Rogue does receive a few winter run fish as early as December, however, they don't show up in force until the weather starts to warm. Thus far, I've [...]