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Balls O’ Fire® Green Label®

The original – and after more than 75 years – still the best! Pautzke’s Green Label® Balls O’ Fire® salmon egg is the world’s most recognized and best selling egg. Hand down, more trout have been caught on Pautzke’s Green Label® than any other egg on the planet. Green Label® is the No. 1 selling natural trout bait of all time and the most effective.

The icon of our family owned company since conception in 1934 and the workhorse of line, Green Label® salmon eggs are the most common egg used by anglers in the world. More than 75 million jars of Green Label® eggs have been sold since the 1934. At least 500,000 jars are sold annually. Green Label® is our most common egg. Applicable in any situation, the Green Label® is a user friendly egg that is derived from king or chum salmon. It’s also mildly priced, yet falls slightly in quality to Premium®, Gold Label®, Orange Deluxe®, and Yellow Jackets®.

There isn’t a wrong place to fish the Green Label®. They can be fished in moving water or sterile reservoirs. Cooked in a carefully mastered and trade secret cooking process, the Green Label® is the most universal egg on the market today and has been for more than seven decades.

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