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Glow Baby Glow

By Bill Divens | 12/20/2010 Having spent countless days guiding Northern California and Southern Oregon rivers, I've discovered that underwater visibility of bait is one key ingredient to catching more salmon. Employing simple optical concepts puts more salmon in the box. While we'll only be scratching the surface on this topic, let's start our exploration [...]

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Fall Salmon Fishing on the Smaller Streams of the Wild Rivers Coast

By Paul LeFebvre | 12/03/2010 On the Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast we can fish for salmon every month of the year except for January and February. As the year progresses from summer into fall the Southern Oregon Coast angler shifts from the larger river systems like the Klamath and the Rogue to the smaller, shorter, [...]

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Niagara River Salmon Chew Up BorX O’ Fire and Fire Cured Eggs This Fall

By Ted Kessler | 11/26/2010 While our window to catch them is short compared to what guys out West are used to, the Niagara River produces a consistent run of Chinook salmon each fall. And, a rainy, cool late September drew many kings into the lower Niagara River this year, which is common. However, the [...]

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By Joel Shangle | 11/10/2010 A bait-wrapped plug is one of the best Chinook baits on the West Coast, and Pautzke Pro Team member Troy Whitaker proved it when his sardine-wrapped Kwikfish accounted for the winning fish at the 15th Annual Middle Rogue Derby. Whitaker is one of several Pautzke Pros who have discovered the [...]

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Pautzke Nectar Review

By Terry Wiest | 10/06/2010 Many years ago when I was a kid my favorite trout bait was Pautzke' Balls O' Fire. Never a question as it always produced trout. Always looking for an advantage though I noticed the "egg goo" they used to sell which was a large jar of the egg runoff and [...]

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Hot Cure for Fall Kings

By Andy Martin | 09/02/2010 When it comes to fall salmon in Northern California, no bait catches more big fish than bright clusters of roe, often fished with a Spin-N-Glo or Puff Ball. Back-bounced, floated below a bobber, even side-drifted, gobs of salmon eggs are like candy to big fall kings. Many successful anglers and [...]

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Lower Deschutes Summer Steelhead

By Kevin Marshall | 08/16/2010 Arguably one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, the Deschutes combines a very scenic environment and large numbers of Summer Steelhead. It also provides a challenge both from the water itself and the special regulations governing it's fishing. When fishing the Deschutes anglers must fish from outside of the [...]

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Fishing Opportunities Abound on the Southern Oregon Coast

By Paul LeFebvre | 08/09/2010 How about a place that offers offshore fishing for Kings, Silvers, and Tuna..., trophy winter Steelheading on the Smith and Chetco rivers..., blue ribbon Salmon fishing on a river called the Rogue River... There are few places on this planet that compare to the Southern Oregon Coast for it's diversity [...]

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PAUTZKE: The World’s Bait Co.

We’ve been known as the Pioneers of Trout Fishing for over 75 years, and the world’s most trusted provider of high-quality salmon, trout and steelhead baits since our company was founded in 1934. For 2012-13, PAUTZKE BAIT CO. is proud to present a bold new line of products that combines seven decades of knowledge with revolutionary technologies that re-define trout, salmon, steelhead, More Info <<

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