12 04, 2017

New Mexico’s Eagle Rock Lake Loaded with Trout


By: Chris Shaffer It’s hard to find a prettier place to fish in Northern New Mexico than Eagle Rock Lake. Minutes from Questa, the three-acre pond is loaded with trout after being stocked last week. In hopes of filming Pautzke Outdoors on a small, family friendly lake where parents can take their children to catch [...]

New Mexico’s Eagle Rock Lake Loaded with Trout2018-04-18T18:58:44-07:00
12 04, 2017

PA’s Standing Stone Creek Opens Saturday


By: Chris Shaffer Central Pennsylvania is littered with trout fishing opportunities. All enter the playing field Saturday when the general trout season begins. Anglers will be covering the banks of nearly every trout approved water from Pittsburgh to State College to Harrisburg on up to Scranton, and everywhere in between. There’s so many waters to [...]

PA’s Standing Stone Creek Opens Saturday2018-04-18T18:58:46-07:00
11 04, 2017

Western PA Trout Opens Saturday


By: James Swearingen I think this year’s trout opener with be on par with the last few years. We just had our mentor youth day and there was a lot of large fish caught. There’s going to be large fish in every stocked creek in Western Pennsylvania. If you want to catch big fish it’s [...]

Western PA Trout Opens Saturday2018-04-18T18:58:47-07:00
6 04, 2017

New Mexico’s Rio Mora Stuffed with Trout


By: Chris Shaffer Did anyone in Northern New Mexico catch a 19-inch rainbow that broke them off recently? How about two of them? I’m sure many of you will say yes. Fortunately, we caught those two fish in the Rio Mora River yesterday. We first removed our hook, then the other and released them back [...]

New Mexico’s Rio Mora Stuffed with Trout2018-04-18T18:58:47-07:00
6 04, 2017

Niagara River Fishing Well – When Water is Clear


By: Ted Kessler It’s been one of the toughest steelhead seasons I’ve seen in at least 20 years on the Lower Niagara River. We need ice on Lake Erie for our season to be good and this is the second season in a row we haven’t had ice. If there’s ice on Erie, Lake Erie [...]

Niagara River Fishing Well – When Water is Clear2018-04-18T18:58:47-07:00
5 04, 2017

Learn to Cure/Fish Coon Shrimp for PNW Springers


By: Terry Wiest The Springers are coming! Meanwhile, the Columbia River is high and dirty. Therefore, many anglers will be looking for smaller water alternatives. On the other hand, to approach smaller water alternative tactics need to be employed, which we’ll cover in this blog. In the Northwest we have several alternatives to the Columbia [...]

Learn to Cure/Fish Coon Shrimp for PNW Springers2018-04-18T18:58:48-07:00
4 04, 2017

Rio Grande Bass & Walleye Biting Now!


By: Chris Shaffer When we met Kris Flores of Muddy River Catfishing for dinner in Elephant Butte Saturday night I could sense he wasn’t excited about our planned outing Sunday. He looked defeated after spending the day on Elephant Butte Reservoir without a nibble. With conditions not likely to change in the next few hours [...]

Rio Grande Bass & Walleye Biting Now!2018-04-18T18:58:49-07:00
1 04, 2017

Big Splake Still Showing in Northern Ontario


By: Chris Shaffer I’d never been splake fishing. Coming from The States, splake aren’t one of the more heavily stocked species. Meanwhile, I’d always wanted to experience quality splake fishing and was fortunate to meet Rich Brochu, a Northern Ontario native who’s become a friend of the Pautzke family in recent years. Brochu offered to [...]

Big Splake Still Showing in Northern Ontario2018-04-18T18:58:50-07:00
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