A 4,500 mile road trip across North America landed Tim Bouchard in Alaska from New Hampshire in 2003. He never looked back. Bouchard has fished and guided fisherman across the state; from interior pike fishing trips to coastal waters catching barn door halibut.  He now operates his successful business Valdez Outfitters on the coastal waters of South Central Alaska.

Being a licensed captain since 2004, and having explored Prince William Sound, for 15 years he has the local knowledge to get people on the fish.  Along with boat experience Bouchard has a degree in biology, which he draws from to strive to find big fish every day for their clients. They have experimented with scents and bait tactics to find the right mixture for years to catch the fish on slow days. With Valdez Outfitters growing to six vessels Bouchard makes sure all his captains are highly trained professional with the same drive he has. His company won the 2016 Valdez Halibut derby and six weekly winners.

Bouchard and his company have been featured on Larry Csonka’s North to Alaska on multiple occasions and on Alaska Outdoors TV on multiple shows.  He is also being featured in Alaska Sporting Journals and many other media outlets. You can find great information on his website and daily fishing updates on their Facebook page.

For more info on Valdez Outfitters please visit www.valdezoutfitters.com.