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Catch Big Pike With Brined and Dyed Bait

By: Kim Anthony I just finished a seminar about brining and dying baits for ice fishing and tend to get the same question every time. I get asked the same question online, too. People often ask me why it’s so much better to have bait that’s brined and dyed verses using natural bait. People want […]

Learn the Ultimate California Salmon Egg Cure

By: Scott Feist As everybody knows I’ve been a true Pautzke fan for many years, even before I was on the pro staff. Fire Cure has never let me down. In hard times it always catches fish. When curing eggs I always use Fire Cure as my base, but I do multiple things to enhance […]

Try This Great Lakes Cure & Catch More Salmon

By: Kyle McClelland There’s an endless number of ways to cure salmon eggs. However, with the increase in fishing pressure in the Great Lakes it’s vital to have well-cured eggs that are durable and have strong scent. Day in and day out I need to have the best eggs to keep my clients catching fish. […]

Try This Cure to Get Perfect Dark Red Eggs for River Salmon

By: Duane Inglin It’s almost fall in the Pacific Northwest and salmon have started entering rivers in effort to reach spawning grounds. Typically, once salmon reach our rivers they have mature eggs. Veteran egg curers know mature eggs can be loose in the skein. This is because the skin surrounding the eggs has started to […]

Guidelines to Scenting Eggs The Easy Way

By: Bob Kratzer It’s fall salmon time and that means egg fishing. We all work on coming up with the best egg cure that we can, and a lot of us have done just that. However, I don’t know any guides or serious egg fisherman that does not add a little something extra to his […]

Try This Simple Egg Cure And Catch More Ontario Salmon

By: Bojan “Bojangles” Zivkovic The weather has finally started to cool down in Southern Ontario which is a clear sign fall salmon season is here! Most Ontario tributaries – and those throughout the Great Lakes – are seeing runs of salmon. Early returns point towards nothing short of quality fish. Fall marks egg season in […]

Add Fire Power for Sacramento River Salmon

By: Jeff Goodwin We are edging towards the historical peak of the fall salmon run on the Sacramento River in Corning. Meanwhile, the Salmon God has apparently failed to remind the king salmon it’s time to push upstream. This year’s salmon run on the Sacramento River was forecasted to be one of the best in […]

Try This Simple Cure To Get Great Eggs

By: Mike Ainsworth Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to start curing eggs for fall salmon and winter steelhead. While many factors lead to having quality eggs I believe anglers would have better eggs if they didn’t overlook the crucial care of eggs leading up to the curing process. To achieve a great cured […]