Bob Cobb

bobcobbOne of the most respected guides on the Oregon Coast, Bob Cobb has tenured more than 15 years as a full time fishing guide. A wealth of knowledge when it comes to anadramous species, Cobb’s mug has been plastered on the cover of Washington-Oregon Game & Fish and Fishing & Hunting News. Meanwhile, Cobb’s credibility doesn’t stop there; he’s frequently featured in Northwest Sportsman, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Western Outdoors, Fishing & Hunting News and Washington-Oregon Game & Fish.

Owner of Reel Fishing, Cobb has worked with ESPN Outdoors in producing two shows airing on American Expedition with host, and retired major league pitcher, Steve Bedrosian. He’s also been seen on Pete’s Picks, a local show in Eugene, Oregon, airing on KEZI and is a regular guest on “Oregon Outdoors” with host Richard DeChambeau, a weekly radio show aired on three radio stations along the Oregon coast.

Yet, there’s more. Cobb’s talents extend beyond the water. Recently, he’s teamed up with his wife Peggy in self-publishing a cookbook on Sturgeon, titled Cooking Sturgeon, 50 Recipes for Preparing Your Keeper. Cobb specializes on salmon, steelhead, smallmouth and sturgeon and remains in a confined, yet popular fishing area teeming with great year-round opportunities.

In spite of a poor economy, Cobb remains on the water roughly 200-guided trips per year. Cobb’s salmon season starts on the Umpqua when springers blast through in April and May. The next run of Chinook he targets spans from August through October on the Umpqua and Siuslaw River. He also focuses on the Umpqua’s coho from September into November. During the winter, Cobb maintains a position on the river’s steelhead, prior to targeting smallmouth, where 100 fish days are common. He also harasses the Umpqua’s sturgeon from January through July.

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