Gold Label…Green Label On Steroids

By Casey Kelley | 06/10/2013

I grew up fishing Balls O Fire salmon eggs. In fact, I’ve had so much contact with them that my hands have had red stains on them since I was in middle school. With a granddad that made Green Label salmon eggs famous, this should be of no surprise to you.

What might be surprising, however, is what I consider to be my favorite Pautzke salmon egg. Taking into account the million jars we sell each year, most would guess Green Label. However, Gold Label is tough to beat. It’s one egg I always have with me when I go trout fishing.
While fairly new to most anglers, Gold Label is the biggest, cleanest and most uniform size egg in our lineup. It’s exactly what we produce for our Premium (Red Lid) jars, but with Gold we add gold glitter. Gold Label maintains our “Soft, But Satisfying” slogan, yet packs a big punch when it comes to attraction, which we all know is important when chasing all trout species.
Why the glitter you ask? By using Premium Balls O Fire salmon eggs we knew the eggs would carry the scent Pautzke has specialized in since 1934, but we wanted to add versatility, something that would stimulate visual attraction the second the egg entered the water.
Our vibrant gold glitter does just that. However, Gold Label excels at three things, simultaneously, it adds a punch to our Premium egg, while maintaining strong scent characteristics and also adding visual stimulation. Whether casting for trout in lakes, rivers, steams, ponds or small brooks, Gold Label gets the job done. One secret we’ve kept around here for years is that it’s also dynamite for panfish. Crappie, bluegill, redear, perch, sunfish and brim all slurp them down.
Many call Gold Label the “Super Egg”. While it’s just started to see national distribution the past decade, Gold label has been a sleeper for us for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, only a handful of experienced and seasoned anglers have used them religiously. We are, nevertheless, seeing a massive increase in Gold Label eggs each year. That trend seems to be increasing rapidly.

Some may think it’s over-priced, but don’t be fooled. Gold Label comes in a 1.5 ounce jar vs the standard 1 ounce jar our Green Label, Premium and Tyee comes in. That’s another half-ounce of the world’s biggest, finest and scent packed eggs available. And, keep in mind, these eggs are still American made and boxed by family members and friends of the family, just like they were back in the Thirties. You are paying for three-quarters of a century of unparalleled egg science stuffed into each jar.
I knew it was only a matter of time before the secret was out about Gold Label. It’s starting to look like everyone needs a jar for his or her tackle box. Do yourself a favor, grab a jar now while you can still get a head start on the guy next to you. Soon, everyone will have a jar of Gold Label, just like the way Green Label has been for more than 75 years.
Editor’s Note: Pautzke owner Casey Kelley is the grandson of Keith Williams, the founder of world famous Balls O Fire Green Label salmon eggs. Kelley played minor league baseball for the Anglers before saddling back up in his family roots. He’s since switched from bats to clubs and plays golf almost daily.