Jim Salazar

Jim SalazarWith more than a decade and a half as a kayak fishing guide to his credit Jim Salazar is a fixture in the Redondo Beach/Palos Verdes area, particularly in the saltwater scene on Santa Monica Bay. He focuses on lobsters and crabs, but also concentrates on halibut, rockfish and bonito when in season. Salazar uses hoopnets during lobster season from the beginning of October to mid March and targets crab year-round. Halibut are available off our local beaches from spring thru fall.

Salazar is also a well known writer and has written articles in Fish Taco Cronicles, Western Outdoor News, Pacific Coast Sportfishing and online for Bloody Decks. He’s also been featured in WON, Fish Taco Chronicals, Pacific Coast Sportfishing, The Log, and KayakFish magazines, as well as having appeared in a Travel Channel episode on catching lobsters at Catalina in a show called “Cash and Treasures”.

He’s also no stranger to books and authored “Hoopin’ It Up” in addition to filming instructional hoopnet videos with Inside Sport Fishing. Salazar makes annual appearances as the featured guest on “Let’s Talk Hook-Up” radio show and does lobster catch reports and interviews on Fish Talk Radio, 976-Tuna, and LTHU.