Josh Choronzey

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Josh Choronzey has been a steelhead fisherman since the age of 10. Son of well-known Canadian TV personality and Outdoor Writer Darryl Choronzey, Josh has had ample opportunity to hone his salmon and steelhead fishing skills over the past three decades. He is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer producing articles and photographs for magazines such as Great Lakes Angler, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Salmon & Steelhead Journal and has many television appearances to his credit.

Choronzey specializes in centerpin float fishing tactics and offshore downrigging across the Great Lakes with special emphasis on Lake Huron and Lake Superior wild steelhead. His proven tactics and cutting edge approaches to float fishing have put fish on the bank in the Great Lakes and fabled West Coast fisheries, such as the Skeena system in British Columbia. Choronzey lends his opinions and outlooks to many companies in the steelhead and salmon industry helping manufactures produce products for the float fishing addict. As a die-hard egg fisherman, he depends on Pautzke products to produce the perfect bait to present to pressured Great Lakes salmon and steelhead.

During the summer months, Choronzey fishes competitive bass fishing tournaments and any spare time results in offshore salmon fishing. Come fall and winter, he spends large amounts of time on Ontario’s Saugeen river, chasing the system’s massive runs of steelhead. In spring, the majority of his time is spent on the remote rivers of Ontario’s Lake Superior coast in search of wild steelhead.

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