Mike Barksdale

A lifelong Oregon angler, Mike Barksdale has an endless amount of experience targeting crabs, salmon, sturgeon and halibut in the Columbia River Basin and along the Oregon Coast. His credibility and success with his guide service Fish On Extreme has enabled him to write articles for Salmon & Steelhead Journal, be featured on Portland’s Outdoor GPS radio and on TV with Blair Wiggins of Addictive Fishing.

Barksdale spends much of his time fishing along the Oregon Coast. From March through May he focuses on spring Chinook and sturgeon on the Columbia River in the greater Portland area before switching to the Lower Columbia River and Pacific Ocean from May into June when halibut, sturgeon and salmon take center stage. July through September marks salmon, tuna, bottom fish crabbing in the Pacific and the famed Buoy 10 fishery. October and November he’ll be salmon and crab fishing Buoy 10 and the Lower Columbia River before commercial crabbing throughout winter on the Oregon coast.

For more information, visit fishonextreme.com.