Andy Couch
Andy CouchPro Fisherman
Andy Couch guides Alaska salmon fishing charters on the Little Susitna River, a small extremely productive river, located a mere 90-minute drive northwest of Anchorage. According to the Alaska Department
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Troy Barr
Troy BarrPro Fisherman
Based in Northern California, Troy Barr operates T-Roy’s Guide Service and is the guru of Lake Berryessa kokanee fishing.
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Gary Blasi
Gary BlasiPro Fisherman
Captain Gary Blasi has been the owner/operator of Full Throttle Sportfishing in Eureka, Ca., since 2004 and an avid fisherman since he could remember.
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Mike Bogue
Mike BoguePro Fisherman
A full-time professional fishing guide since 1991 owner Mike Bogue has made a career running Mike Bogue’s Guide Service in Northern California.
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Alan Borges
Alan BorgesPro Fisherman
Based in Northern California, Alan Borges runs Alan’s Guide Service and has been guiding on the California Coast, in the Upper Sacramento River Valley
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