Pautzke Egg Lug


A must for every trout angler, Pautzke’s plastic Egg Lug has become a staple for salmon egg and corn fishing enthusiasts. This newly designed, lightweight, handy device has made fishing with salmon eggs or corn easier than ever. Embroidered with the world famous Pautzke logo, the black Egg Lug features 48mm fitting, making it a snug fit for all salmon eggs and fire corn jars on the market today. A belt loop and an easy to operate flip-top lid provides effortless access to your bait. By keeping the eggs close to your hip you’ll be able to rebait your hooks more efficiently than ever before. To use the all new Egg Lug, simply remove the lid from your Balls O’ Fire® salmon eggs or Fire Corn® jar, then twist the jar up into the lug, slide in onto your belt and you are ready to fish.

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