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Use Brined & Colored Smelt: For Big Pike

By: Kim Anthony Ice fishing for pike is a favorite pastime for many of us and one of our best baits is frozen smelt. In fact, for years that’s all I used. However, when you look at smelt in a package they are super boring. They look like a can of tuna fish. To me […]

Learn to Catch Fish With Live Fire Dye Minnows

By: Kevin Davis Think about it your plastic bait, jigs and lures are bright. When you walk the aisle looking at fishing lures most of them are bright. We all know there’s nothing that catches more fish than live bait so why not make it bright too? At least that’s what I thought a year […]

Great Lakes Pike Hammering Fire Dye & Fire Brine Live and Dead Bait

By: Kyle Deavers Due to late arriving ice Saturday was the first time I’d ice fished for pike this year. Meanwhile, upon arrival there were so many people already fishing I was contemplating heading back to the harbor to fish for browns and steelhead. Upon arrival we noticed more than 100 anglers already set up […]

Montana Rainbows Showing Through the Ice

By: Chris Shaffer After fishing for pike and walleye in North Central Montana we had planned to spend Friday touring Glacier National Park. Meanwhile, deteriorating road conditions forced us to remain in Chester for another night. Rather than drive back to Great Falls and catch and early flight out we opted to ice fish for […]

Learn to Cure Steelhead Eggs – For All Conditions

By: Duane Inglin It hasn’t been a traditional winter steelhead season in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, I mean that in a good way. Fishing has been lights out. There’s a lot of hatchery fish available. Many are larger than average. Part of the success this season can be attributed to ideal and stable conditions. We […]

Expect Fluctuating Water & Use Small Baits: For Hanford Reach Steelhead

By: TJ Hester A Reach is defined as a continuous extent of land or water, particularly a stretch of river between two bends. The 63 free-flowing miles of the Columbia River here in Eastern Washington, known as the Hanford Reach, is no exception and it’s one of my favorite places in the Northwest to steelhead fish. Meanwhile, […]

The Wild Skein/Egg Alternative: Using Dye as a Coloring Agent on Cured Eggs

By: Andy Bliss Normally, when targeting Great Lakes salmon in the fall I use Red and Pink Fire Cure eggs. However, when conditions get tough and there’s a lot of pressure on the water I like to experiment with different colors. Fortunately, I’ve had a surplus of skein, which has enabled me to try out […]

Learn To Cure Coho Eggs Like A Pro

While many anglers overthink it, curing coho eggs is much easier than Chinook eggs. Coho eggs are small and have smaller skeins so I don’t butterfly them. I cure the skeins whole, which takes a step out of the process. With these eggs there isn’t this big glob of eggs. Therefore, the cure can get […]

Which Cure Should You Use For Salmon: FireCure or BorX O Fire?

This time of year I spend a few days week salmon fishing for Chinook and coho. My favorite technquie for targeting fall salmon is with a float and eggs. There’s something about fishing cured salmon roe under a bobber that gets me excited. For decades I’ve found myself talking with other anglers about egg cures. […]

The New Awesome Egg Cure That You’ve Never Tried

I’ve been curing eggs for roughly 30 years and I’ve changed the way I cure eggs an endless amount of times. Up until a few years ago I always used powder cures. Meanwhile, after playing with wet brines, like Fire Brine, my egg curing process has changed dramatically. This season, nevertheless, it changed a ton, […]