By Paul LeFebvre | 03/02/2014

Steelhead season is in full swing here on the Southern Oregon Coast with Springer fishing just around the corner. As most who follow Joey LeFebvre and I know our go to steelhead egg cure is two parts BorX O Fire and one part sugar, a recipe that has become a mainstay for us. We cannot deny the success with this cure.

Sometimes steelhead can be damn finicky, so much so that we try different cures to mix things up a bit. This year, Andy Martin (of Wild Rivers Fishing) and I were fishing over a rolling school of steelhead and no one was biting. Time and time again we made excellent side drifting passes and the fish ignored our steelhead candy. What would it take to get these fish to bite? They were certainly there in good numbers. After at least 10 passes, Andy made the suggestion that I coat my offering with shrimp oil for a pass and see what happens. Bam! A beautiful 10-pound steelhead on the next pass. Once again mixing it up has done the trick. It is very important to carry several egg cures / approaches with you when steelhead fishing in case your mainstay or go to recipe fails to get bit.