Troy Creasy

troyceasyOne of the most well respected anglers in the Great Lakes; Troy Creasy’s net worth is tough to beat. Consulting Editor of Lake Ontario Outdoors, this magazine is the authority for the Lake Ontario Region and helps drive the fisheries throughout the year. The quarterly publication draws interest from the entire Northeast as its circulation spans several states and focuses on the famed steelhead and salmon runs of Upstate NY. However, Creasy’s value extends to the water, too. Creasy owns and operates High Adventure Sportfishing, based in Pulaski, New York, and is a locale expert on catching salmon, steelhead and brown trout.

Creasy spends the spring and summer trolling Lake Ontario for brown trout and salmon from May until mid September, while also taking time in between during May and June to head south to Oneida Lake where he targets walleye, bass and pike. From mid-September through October, he concentrates on Chinook on the famed Salmon River, prior to bouncing between the Salmon River, Blacks and Oswego River in search of steelhead from November until mid May.

A former Alaska fishing guide, Creasy has been featured in Salmon, Trout & Steelheader and Lake Ontario Outdoors, can be seen at various Northeast sports shows and performs seminars at Gander Mountain. He’s also on the tourism advisory board for Oswego County.

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