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Terry J. Wiest has more than 40 years of experience fishing the Pacific Coast for salmon, halibut, lingcod, tuna, sea bass and more. A natural speaker, author and angler, Wiest has turned his passion for angling into a media machine. He’s published over 100 magazine articles, mostly on salmon and steelhead, but also on his many adventures around the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska.

Wiest’s first book Steelhead University: Your Guide to Salmon and Steelhead Success, is a best seller and won top honors from his peers, being voted as Book of the Year 2012 by the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association. His second book, Float Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead, is already a best seller and has been nominated for Book of the Year 2014.

Wiest also owns Steelhead University, the largest salmon and steelhead fishing website on the West Coast. Much of his expertise has been derived from his success Steelhead University, the experts that he associates and learns from, and the experiences made possible by owning the #1 online resource for salmon and steelhead.

Wiest was welcomed into the Oak Bay Marine Group Captain’s Club in 2008 and since has repeated this feat for both salmon and halibut. This is an exclusive club for anglers who have landed exceptionally large salmon and/or halibut.
He an active member of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and is past-president of the South King County Puget Sound Anglers where he is a Lifetime Member.

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