By Toby Wyatt | 05/07/2014

I’ve had Pautzke Fire Power sitting in my garage for about five years now. (Owner) Casey Kelley sent it to me to try a few years back and while I did open one of the bottles, I didn’t really try it. A case of it has been sitting in the corner of my garage.

A few weeks ago I was down in Portland fishing springers and while I was catching fish a few of my friends were kicking my butt. They told me that they were putting this powder in their herring brine and it was making a huge difference. One of them held the jar up in the air and yelled.

“Do you have any of this stuff? This is what you need to be using.”


I sure did. I had a case of it. But, had never given it a try. I’m now learning most of my guide buddies use it religiously.

As with any guide, I’m always looking for new things that work, and as soon as I started putting it in my herring brine our numbers almost doubled. Literally. Even worse, I’ve had it in my garage and never gave it a fair chance, till now. I’m now using it in all my brines, cures and on my plugs. Fire Power is pure krill powder, stuff all fish eat. Using it is a no brainer.


Right now, I’m fishing for salmon. I’m sitting on anchor (or sitting on the pick like we call it) and running plugs everyday, and using a ton of the powder. When I make my sardine brine I put a tablespoon of Fire Power in it, mix it up good and let it sit 12-24 hours. Of course, I’ll use salt and other scents, too. Keep in mind the fillets are soft so you need to salt them up before wrapping them on your Mag Lips and Kwik Fish.

I let the brine sit overnight and take the fillets out in the morning to wrap them on the plugs. Before I thread them on with Stretch Thread I’ll put another coating of Fire Power. Keep in mind, salmon are big krill eaters. So you have a lure wrapped with meat and caked with krill. There’s a double dose in there.


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