Monthly Archives: April 2012

Brown Trout Showing Early On Lake Michigan’s East Shore

By Mark Chmura | 04/13/2012 Manistee, MI – One of the things I enjoy about guiding Lake Michigan is that patterns are always changing. This year that’s an understatement. Being mid-April now, everyone is focusing on the time of year rather than what’s going on with our weather pattern. I’m not sure what’s happening everywhere […]

Breaking News From The Bait Lab: Making Dual Colored Herring

By Duane Inglin | 04/06/2012 Every year there’s a lot of effort involved in creating innovative color/attractants. Honestly, sometimes I think these are more for the fishermen than the fish. Meanwhile, creativity and innovation brings exciting opportunities. Consider flashers. How many options are currently on the market? And, what about others that anglers have in […]