Steelhead Anglers: Here’s Something New to Try

By: Joe Diorio

I’ve never used chartreuse eggs in spawn sacs before. To be honest I saw a FireBlog post a few weeks ago about anglers having success with blue eggs, and was wowed. The eggs looked so good. After seeing it, I wanted to try chartreuse, and see if they worked too. My though process was simple: chartreuse eggs look like a brown trout egg. Everyone knows chartreuse is a popular color for trout and steelhead. I wanted to try it. I called Pautzke, asked them to send me a sample of the Chartreuse Fire Brine to experiment with, along with a lot more Trout Eggs.

It didn’t take long to find out it works. And, I’m talking about the coloring of the egg and how easy is was to catch fish on them. I wasn’t surprised, but success came instantly. Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’ll always have natural and traditional colors and I’m not going to stop using them, but it always nice to have different color eggs at your disposal. Certain days they might be the only one that works. I’ll now always have chartreuse eggs with me.

The good news is it’s super easy make these eggs. Let’s dive into it:


Pautzke Trout Eggs

Chartreuse Fire Brine

Atlas Mike’s 3×3 spawn netting

Miracle Thread

The Chartreuse Trout Eggs Recipe:

Take the lid off the Premium Trout Eggs and pour in Chartreuse Fire Brine. Fill it to the top, until it almost starts to overflow. You start to see the chartreuse brine consume the orange trout eggs. Put the lid back on and shake the jar in order to disperse the brine.

At this point, I’ll let them sit for 24 to 48 hours. Letting it sit longer won’t hurt the eggs. Personally, I’ve let the eggs sit in the brine for a week and it hasn’t hurt them. What it does is change the color of the Trout Eggs to chartreuse. The brine will penetrate the entire egg.

When I fished these for the first time last week I really didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never fished eggs like this. The good news is when I fished them the chartreuse color didn’t wash out. What was interesting was there was still an eye in the egg, too, as you can see in my photos. They look like real brown trout eggs.

Sac Colors

Most anglers look at these and ask, “What’s wrong with your eggs?” This is what I wanted the eggs to look like. My clients hadn’t seen them before because I’d never used them, but they worked instantly and added another bait to my arsenal. You can never have enough options when you are trout or steelhead fishing. You never know what they are going to want to bite. I would recommend tying these in white, blue and peach Atlas Mike’s 3×3 spawn netting because they stand out. I’m going to continue to test these, but have already learned that trout and steelhead like ‘em.

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