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Monthly Archives: December 2012

20 12, 2012

Idaho’s Clearwater River Still Full of Steel


By Toby Wyatt | 12/20/2012 The media has made it sound like steelhead fishing is terrible on the Clearwater River. While fishing isn’t as stellar as it’s been in recent years it is nowhere near as bad as the various media outlets portray it. Keep in mind, the latest projections from Idaho Fish & Game [...]

Idaho’s Clearwater River Still Full of Steel2018-04-18T19:08:22-07:00
6 12, 2012

Spin-N-Glo’s with Fire Cure Roe Clusters Taking Steelhead in High Water This Winter


By Andy Martin | 12/06/2012 If the past few weeks are any indicator, Pacific Northwest and Northern California steelhead anglers will be dealing with high flows, off-colored water and lots of rain this season. Catching winter steelhead during high flows can be challenging, but for those who make adjustments to their tactics, fishing can be [...]

Spin-N-Glo’s with Fire Cure Roe Clusters Taking Steelhead in High Water This Winter2018-04-18T19:08:23-07:00
4 12, 2012

Curing Perfect Eggs – Without the Hassle


By John Albrich | 12/04/2012 (Editor’s Note: This recipe also works exceptionally well for single eggs. Simply substitute the single eggs when skeins are mentioned.) I used to use BorX O Fire on every egg I cured for steelhead. I’d butterfly the eggs up, throw them in the Ziploc, add the BorX O Fire and [...]

Curing Perfect Eggs – Without the Hassle2018-04-18T19:08:23-07:00
2 12, 2012

Columbia River’s Hatchery Steelhead On The Chew


By Bruce Hewitt | 12/02/2012 Cold winters in Eastern Washington force us to slow our presentations when targeting winter steelhead in the Mid-Columbia and Snake Rivers. Personally, I toss a special variety of Steelhead Candy to them during the heart of winter. That Candy comes in the form of various colors of carefully cured coon [...]

Columbia River’s Hatchery Steelhead On The Chew2018-04-18T19:08:24-07:00

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