12 03, 2020

Learn to Tie Epic Ontario Spawn Bags


By: Bojan “Bojangles” Zivkovic Spring has just about sprung in Southwestern Ontario and we all know what that means: March Madness! March is the best time to catch aggressive steelhead before they settle on their spawning grounds. The weather is warming, the bite is improving and anglers are finding steelhead throughout GTA rivers and in [...]

Learn to Tie Epic Ontario Spawn Bags2020-05-08T12:26:42-07:00
19 02, 2020

Big Boy’s New Spawn Sac Cure


By: Kyle Deavers It’s seems like every winter I tend to get the same questions from anglers. They always want to know how I’m curing my eggs. As often as I cure eggs I’m constantly changing what I do to get more bites. Competition is increasing each year and I have to make better eggs [...]

Big Boy’s New Spawn Sac Cure2020-05-08T12:26:57-07:00
13 02, 2020

Good Steelhead Bite On the Clearwater River


By: Toby Wyatt Negative publicity has killed the crowds on the Clearwater River this year, but for the anglers that have come and fished with us the bite has been excellent. To start the season they closed the Clearwater because they didn’t think they were going to have a lot of fish. Fortunately, the river [...]

Good Steelhead Bite On the Clearwater River2020-05-08T12:27:05-07:00
4 02, 2020

A Veteran Guide’s Favorite: The Tutti Frutti Cure


By: Bob Kratzer Steelhead season is upon us. For many anglers that means curing and fishing eggs. As a guide I’m always looking for an effective, yet quick way to cure eggs that my customers and I have confidence in. I need these eggs to have good color, durability and flavor that steelhead can’t resist. [...]

A Veteran Guide’s Favorite: The Tutti Frutti Cure2020-05-08T12:27:58-07:00
4 02, 2020

NY Salmon River On the Scene


By: Chris Shaffer With one major product launch in the rear and another weeks away I called Pautzke pros Stephen Shen of STS Guide Service and Andy Bliss of Chasin Tail Adventures and asked them if we could float New York’s Salmon River and make a video using our new Trout Eggs and the soon [...]

NY Salmon River On the Scene2020-05-08T12:28:06-07:00
30 01, 2020

New York Steelhead On the Scene


By: Chris Shaffer A few years ago when we came to Lake Ontario in the dead of winter it was a chore to find open water. Many of the tributaries were choked up with ice. Some of our well-known pro staffers couldn't even get their boat on the water. So far this winter that hasn't [...]

New York Steelhead On the Scene2020-05-08T12:28:22-07:00
22 01, 2020

Change Up Eggs to Catch More Great Lakes Winter Steelhead


By: Stephen Shen This time of the year in the Great Lakes we are forced to fish more limited sections of our rivers due to winter conditions such as low flows, cold temperatures and ice flows. Because of that the brown trout and steelhead that are in these accessible winter holes see much more angling [...]

Change Up Eggs to Catch More Great Lakes Winter Steelhead2020-05-08T12:28:38-07:00
21 01, 2020

California’s Smith River Has Steelhead Now


By: Mick Thomas After no fall salmon season (due to no water) we’ve finally got some good news on the Smith River. The rain we’ve been waiting months for brought in a large number of fresh steelhead. Since we’ve received heavy rain the last few days the numbers of steelhead in the river have been [...]

California’s Smith River Has Steelhead Now2020-05-08T12:28:45-07:00
19 01, 2020

Why Natural Trout Eggs Are Perfect For Great Lakes Steelhead


By: James Swearingen We are in the heart of spawn sac season in the Great Lakes and for the first time in more than 20 years I’m using something different in my sacs. Historically, I’ve had to fish with salmon eggs and brown trout eggs that I harvested in the fall in New York. Meanwhile, [...]

Why Natural Trout Eggs Are Perfect For Great Lakes Steelhead2020-05-08T12:28:54-07:00
14 01, 2020

Chetco River Steelhead Outlook


By Andy Martin Judging by the first few weeks of the 2020 steelhead season on the Chetco River, anglers may have to deal with high water conditions. The year is off to a wet and stormy start. In between rainy weather, steelhead fishing has been good. Hatchery fish are showing up and plenty of wild [...]

Chetco River Steelhead Outlook2020-01-14T18:37:47-08:00
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