25 05, 2012

Little Virginia’s


By Chris Shaffer | 05/25/2012 Bridgeport, CA - A week ago, the Virginia Lakes basin was deserted. Last Thursday we didn’t see a single angler at Little Virginia Lakes or Virginia Creek. Walking out of the woods between Big and Little Virginia, towards Virginia Lakes Resort I noticed a woman trekking towards me. She looked [...]

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18 05, 2012

FireBait Frenzy: Bridgeport Reservoir


By Chris Shaffer | 05/18/2012 Bridgeport, CA - The Eastern Sierra is littered with some of the most heavily stocked trout fisheries in North America. From south of Lone Pine to roughly Topaz Lake, there’s 200 miles of Highway 395 that shuttles anglers to 100s of the nation’s most plentiful rainbow trout fisheries. However, endless [...]

FireBait Frenzy: Bridgeport Reservoir2018-04-18T19:08:45-07:00
13 05, 2012

Berryessa Kings On Fire Now!


By Rick Kennedy | 05/13/2012 Winters, CA - Over the last year I’ve expanded my boundaries when it comes to the lakes I fish for rainbows, kokanee, Coho and kings. For more than a decade I stayed close to home, focusing on the Truckee area lakes, Collins, Bullards Bar, Englebright, Eagle and a others. However, [...]

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12 05, 2012

The Perfect Halibut Brine


By Nick Kester | 05/12/2012 Halibut season is underway here in the Pacific Northwest and while I’ve been fishing the waters of Puget Sound for what seems like ages now I’ve found a brine that’s been working extremely well for me and wanted to share it. While I’m using this in the Puget Sound, the [...]

The Perfect Halibut Brine2018-04-18T19:08:46-07:00
9 05, 2012