26 11, 2014

Oregon’s Trask Boasting Big Run


We are slowing coming to the tail end of the run here on the Oregon Coast. We’ve had fish coming in the Trask River since September, but this run will last through mid December, at least. Conservatively, this fall’s run is 25 percent better than last year. We aren’t seeing larger fish, but we are [...]

Oregon’s Trask Boasting Big Run2018-04-18T19:05:40-07:00
25 11, 2014

Learn To Tie Spawn Like A Canadian


By Josh Choronzey | 11/25/2014 The first key to good cured eggs is the egg itself. It’s important to know that very immature eggs in the skein may not cure that well if you scrape them off the membrane.  These young eggs will break apart and look like creamed corn.  Also, ripe/loose eggs are very [...]

Learn To Tie Spawn Like A Canadian2019-10-31T09:22:13-07:00
24 11, 2014

From The Bait Lab: Egg Storage 101


By Duane Inglin | 11/24/2014 Pautzke’s Ask A Mixologist forum has become a staple in the trout, salmon and steelhead industry. We receive emails daily (many of which are forwarded to me) from anglers throughout North America. One of the most common questions we field references egg storage. I can associate well. As salmon and [...]

From The Bait Lab: Egg Storage 1012019-10-31T09:22:07-07:00
19 11, 2014

A Guide Secret To Getting More Out of Jigs


By Bob Kratzer | 11/19/2014 More than 27 years ago while twitching small marabou jigs for trophy rainbows in a small stream in Alaska I ran into a problem. The silver salmon that were also in the stream liked the jigs better than the rainbows. This technique yielded an epic silver bite, one that improved [...]

A Guide Secret To Getting More Out of Jigs2019-10-31T09:20:58-07:00
10 11, 2014