29 10, 2017

Western NY Streams: Salmon Update


By: Isaac Zettle Salmon have been running in the creeks of Western New York for a while now and after spending a week fishing here it’s clear that salmon fishing is way better than it has been for several years. This week we saw and caught more fish, larger fish and salmon that were in [...]

Western NY Streams: Salmon Update2019-10-31T08:53:35-07:00
24 10, 2017

Test Complete: Fire Dye Works On Saltwater Baits


By: Chris Shaffer For more than a year anglers have asked if Fire Dye works on live saltwater baits. Unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to answer that question. Our lab and field-testing has been preformed on freshwater species. Meanwhile, on a recent trip to North Carolina to film episodes of Pautzke Outdoors for catfish on [...]

Test Complete: Fire Dye Works On Saltwater Baits2019-10-31T08:53:35-07:00
23 10, 2017

Learn to Cure the Perfect Coastal Salmon Egg


By: Kyle Buschelman In the fall when coastal Chinook are available my success is a reflection of how good my bait is. Quality eggs and arming myself with multiple cures filled with different bite stimulants is the main ingredient to success. Using Fire Cure as the base I have three-to-four different cures in my boat [...]

Learn to Cure the Perfect Coastal Salmon Egg2019-10-31T08:53:35-07:00