14 03, 2020

Farmington River Trout Bite on Fire


By: Chris Shaffer In the decade we’ve been filming Pautzke Outdoors doing a show in Connecticut has never been on our list. Overshadowed by New York salmon and steelhead and Pennsylvania and West Virginia’s robust trout stocking programs we’ve passed on opportunities to fly to the Farmington River and target trout. Meanwhile, a conversation with [...]

Farmington River Trout Bite on Fire2020-05-08T12:22:19-07:00
19 02, 2020

Big Boy’s New Spawn Sac Cure


By: Kyle Deavers It’s seems like every winter I tend to get the same questions from anglers. They always want to know how I’m curing my eggs. As often as I cure eggs I’m constantly changing what I do to get more bites. Competition is increasing each year and I have to make better eggs [...]

Big Boy’s New Spawn Sac Cure2020-05-08T12:26:57-07:00
4 02, 2020

NY Salmon River On the Scene


By: Chris Shaffer With one major product launch in the rear and another weeks away I called Pautzke pros Stephen Shen of STS Guide Service and Andy Bliss of Chasin Tail Adventures and asked them if we could float New York’s Salmon River and make a video using our new Trout Eggs and the soon [...]

NY Salmon River On the Scene2020-05-08T12:28:06-07:00
30 01, 2020

New York Steelhead On the Scene


By: Chris Shaffer A few years ago when we came to Lake Ontario in the dead of winter it was a chore to find open water. Many of the tributaries were choked up with ice. Some of our well-known pro staffers couldn't even get their boat on the water. So far this winter that hasn't [...]

New York Steelhead On the Scene2020-05-08T12:28:22-07:00
19 01, 2020

Why Natural Trout Eggs Are Perfect For Great Lakes Steelhead


By: James Swearingen We are in the heart of spawn sac season in the Great Lakes and for the first time in more than 20 years I’m using something different in my sacs. Historically, I’ve had to fish with salmon eggs and brown trout eggs that I harvested in the fall in New York. Meanwhile, [...]

Why Natural Trout Eggs Are Perfect For Great Lakes Steelhead2020-05-08T12:28:54-07:00
9 01, 2020

Introducing Pautzke’s New Trout Eggs


Why do the premiums look so good? The Premium Eggs look fabulous because we have hand picked and cleaned them. We’ve spent more time ensuring the cleanest, most uniform eggs. This is also why they are more expensive. They are the best of the Trout Eggs. (See below) Why are there [...]

Introducing Pautzke’s New Trout Eggs2020-05-10T10:12:22-07:00
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