9 01, 2020

Introducing Pautzke’s New Trout Eggs


By: Chris Shaffer Since word was leaked of Pautzke’s new Trout Eggs a few weeks ago we have received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram, phone calls and emails with excellent questions regarding the new Premium & Natural Trout Eggs. We’ve rounded up the most common questions and brought in Pautzke Owner Casey Kelley [...]

Introducing Pautzke’s New Trout Eggs2020-01-10T09:01:15-08:00
5 10, 2019

Try This Cure To Get A Perfect Red Egg


By: Kyle Deavers I know it seems like I constantly change up my favorite cure – and I do. The truth is I’m always playing with different recipes and recently have found one that is my new favorite. My goal was to find a recipe where I could easily cure many skeins at once and [...]

Try This Cure To Get A Perfect Red Egg2019-10-31T08:54:27-07:00
25 09, 2019

Learn the Ultimate California Salmon Egg Cure


By: Scott Feist As everybody knows I’ve been a true Pautzke fan for many years, even before I was on the pro staff. Fire Cure has never let me down. In hard times it always catches fish. When curing eggs I always use Fire Cure as my base, but I do multiple things to enhance [...]

Learn the Ultimate California Salmon Egg Cure2019-10-31T08:54:27-07:00