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Monthly Archives: January 2018

31 01, 2018

Clearwater River Steelhead Better Than Expected


By: Toby Wyatt Steelhead fishing is unexpectedly better than we expected it to be. Prior to the season the Idaho Department of Fish & Game thought we were going to have a dismal return on the Clearwater River. However, there’s far more fish showing up than we expected. It’s been a good year for us. [...]

Clearwater River Steelhead Better Than Expected2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
31 01, 2018

Learn How To Store Cured Eggs


By: John Albrich One of the most common questions steelhead anglers have is what is the best way to store cured eggs for a long period of time. And, there isn’t one answer. There’s lots of different ways to store eggs. Which you choose depends on how long you want to keep them. Many guys [...]

Learn How To Store Cured Eggs2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
30 01, 2018

Why Color Matters: Make Vibrant Eggs


By: Kyle Buschelman I use to think that scent was the most important part of having good bait. Meanwhile, I’m starting to change my mind. Scent is important, yet not the biggest factor when developing good steelhead bait. I’ve come to this conclusion after spending time using beads and still catching steelhead. The last few years [...]

Why Color Matters: Make Vibrant Eggs2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
29 01, 2018

Steelhead Finally Trickling In – Nor Cal’s Smith River


By: Mick Thomas Steelhead fishing on the Smith River is different every year. For some reason this year has been exceptionally slow to start. Fortunately, since getting bombarded with rain for the past two weeks things are starting to improve. While December and January was extremely slow the past week has proven that steelhead are [...]

Steelhead Finally Trickling In – Nor Cal’s Smith River2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
29 01, 2018

Erie Steelhead Streams Open & Fishing Well


By: James Swearingen Our Erie tributaries usually freeze during the winter. However, recently warmer temperatures allowed for the ice to break loose and bring current in the system. This has given us fishable water in Erie’s tributaries for the time being. Given the current forecast I’m betting that we have fishable water for at least [...]

Erie Steelhead Streams Open & Fishing Well2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
25 01, 2018

Central Oregon Steelhead Slow to Start So Far


By: Kyle Buschelman Winter steelhead season on the Oregon Coast is in full swing and we are catching fish daily. However, I don’t think we have a lot of fish in the systems right now. I’ve had to adjust my program and be flexible based on daily pressure and rapidly changing river levels. I’m hoping [...]

Central Oregon Steelhead Slow to Start So Far2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
25 01, 2018

Northern Michigan Steelhead Still Showing in the Cold


By: Chris Shaffer Northern Michigan offers good steelhead fishing. On the other hand, winter isn’t prime time. Still I requested guide Kyle McClelland of XXL Chrome Chasing to save three days in January to film Pautzke Outdoors in his backyard. He preferred to film in the spring when action was more consistent. Meanwhile, I wanted [...]

Northern Michigan Steelhead Still Showing in the Cold2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
24 01, 2018

Learn to Re-Charge Dried Out Roe/Eggs


By: Duane Inglin For a good reason we constantly field questions about curing eggs. Some popular and good frequently asked questions are, “How long will they last in the freezer?” or “How long will they last in the refrigerator?” and “Will they mold?” Specific answers to these questions are nearly impossible. Many variables contribute to [...]

Learn to Re-Charge Dried Out Roe/Eggs2018-04-18T18:56:37-07:00
23 01, 2018

Western New York Steelhead Update


By: Isaac Zettle Over the last few days a group of friends and I make our annual winter pilgrimage to Western New York to steelhead fish. Prior to our trip reports indicated that anglers were catching lots of steelhead in Lake Ontario tributaries. However, just before we left the temperature rose, it rained and water [...]

Western New York Steelhead Update2018-04-18T18:56:37-07:00
22 01, 2018

A Shrimp/Egg Wet Brine for Steelhead Success


Even upon return to their native stream steelhead like to eat. Their appetite doesn’t shut down because unlike salmon, steelhead don’t die after spawning. They are always looking for that next protein source. It’s also true that steelhead love prawns, sand shrimp, roe, squid, etc. Meanwhile, when you combine these baits success skyrockets. For example, [...]

A Shrimp/Egg Wet Brine for Steelhead Success2018-04-18T18:56:38-07:00
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