30 04, 2015

A Pro’s Brine – To Make Your Baits Shine


Brining bait is a vital process to all anglers. A good brine firms the bait up and helps keep the scales in tact. Within brining season upon us, let’s focus on the best way to brine bait and achieve long lasting, vibrant, fish-catching baits that save us money by being able to use baits longer. [...]

A Pro’s Brine – To Make Your Baits Shine2018-04-18T19:05:02-07:00
27 04, 2015

Bald Eagle Creek Harboring Rainbows


While Penns and Spring Creek dominate the publicity and field a ton of fishing pressure, the trout bite at Bald Eagle Creek is strong enough to warrant a visit and brings anglers to sections of water with less fishing pressure. Bald Eagle is stocked at various access points in Central Pennsylvania and is fishing better [...]

Bald Eagle Creek Harboring Rainbows2018-04-18T19:05:02-07:00
26 04, 2015

Willamette Springer Bite On Fire


The springer run on the Willamette River is everything we expecting and will run through June. If you know what you’re doing, it’s been pretty easy to catch a two-fish limit when you are on a pod of fish. We are hooking three-to-four fish a day. I think their prediction is right on this year, [...]

Willamette Springer Bite On Fire2018-04-18T19:05:03-07:00
23 04, 2015

Ontario Trout Season Opens This Weekend


Eh! It’s been a long, chilly, and record-setting winter, but double-digit daytime highs have finally seemed to settle in up here in Southwestern Ontario! This past week the steelhead run just about peaked on many rivers and creeks along Lake Ontario's north shore. Meanwhile, some fish will follow after the next few rainfalls. This weekend [...]

Ontario Trout Season Opens This Weekend2018-04-18T19:05:04-07:00
23 04, 2015

Central PA Trout Streams Coming Into Shape


After shorts weather and bluebird skies this past opening weekend, Central Pennsylvania saw multiple inches of rain and tornado warnings early this week, which sent most of the region’s well known fisheries into unfishable territory. Famed systems like Penns and Spring Creek have been out of commission since Monday. Meanwhile, both are expected to fish [...]

Central PA Trout Streams Coming Into Shape2018-04-18T19:05:06-07:00
21 04, 2015

PA’s Four Mile Run Stuffed With Trout


Having spent my life salmon and steelhead fishing in Northern Michigan trout fishing in Pennsylvania was a new experience for me. I had to adjust my tactics for these trout. Targeting these rainbows and brook trout is much different than I expected. We’d planned on targeting rainbows in Loyalhanna Creek in Westmoreland County, but the [...]

PA’s Four Mile Run Stuffed With Trout2018-04-18T19:05:06-07:00
20 04, 2015

Virginia’s Douthat State Park Kicking Out Trout In High Water


The past seven days haven’t been the most memorable for Virginia trout anglers. Severe storms, heavy rain and wind kept many fishermen off their favorite streams for much of the latter part of the week, and more rain yesterday isn’t taking the pressure off the volume of water racing through these mountainous systems. We tried [...]

Virginia’s Douthat State Park Kicking Out Trout In High Water2018-04-18T19:05:07-07:00
20 04, 2015

Perfect Cure For Upriver Springers


Springer season opens Saturday in Idaho and during the first week or two I’ll be running mostly Fire Brine herring and Kwikfish in the lower river, a place locals refer to as The Pond. However, once more fish start passing through in greater numbers I’ll move upriver into the faster water where I’ll start fishing [...]

Perfect Cure For Upriver Springers2018-04-18T19:05:08-07:00
16 04, 2015

Southeast Trout Hammering FireBait


We’ve been so busy at the plant for the past two years that I haven’t been able to break away and trout fish at all. Meanwhile, when I was offered the opportunity to fly from the Pacific Northwest to Virginia to film a few trout fishing videos and I jumped at the chance. While I [...]

Southeast Trout Hammering FireBait2018-04-18T19:05:10-07:00
14 04, 2015

Virginia’s Jackson River Heavily Planted


When I called the Verona office of the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries to inquire about trout fishing in the Allegany Mountains it didn’t take long for recommendations to flood in. With an endless amount of trout being stocked west of Interstate 81 up to the West Virginia border there was no shortage [...]

Virginia’s Jackson River Heavily Planted2018-04-18T19:05:10-07:00
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