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31 03, 2015

Roughly 10 Days Left in Slow Springer Season


By Mike Ainsworth | 03/31/2015 With just over 10 days left in the designated springer season it seems like the fish haven’t shown up yet. From the forecast that we have we’ve been expecting a good run again, but we aren’t seeing the run materialize yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. They [...]

Roughly 10 Days Left in Slow Springer Season2018-04-18T19:05:14-07:00
29 03, 2015

Simcoe Perch Hammering Blue Minnows


By Chris Shaffer | 03/29/2015 My eyes were focused roughly 12 feet below, through a tiny, circular, ice carved hole. Sitting on a lounge chair, in a hut, sporting insulated guide wear, even without a portable heater it’d got so warm I had to take off my down jacket. I’d stripped down to just a [...]

Simcoe Perch Hammering Blue Minnows2018-04-18T19:05:15-07:00
24 03, 2015

Cowlitz Steelhead Spread Throughout the System


By Todd Daniels | 03/24/2015 Cowlitz River Steelhead Spread Throughout the System Saturday was the busiest I’ve seen the Cowlitz River in two decades. When I launched at 6:30 am there was a line of 30 boats behind me, the parking lot was full and I’d say there were a minimum of 80 boats on [...]

Cowlitz Steelhead Spread Throughout the System2018-04-18T19:05:16-07:00
23 03, 2015

Hanford Reach Steelhead: Hot & Cold


By Chris Shaffer | 03/23/2015 TJ Hester wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. In town to film Pautzke Outdoors, we planned to steelhead fish the Hanford Reach section of the Columbia River, but unstable water conditions kept the bite inconsistent for the week prior. Up until a few hours before launching we weren’t sure [...]

Hanford Reach Steelhead: Hot & Cold2018-04-18T19:05:21-07:00
22 03, 2015

Erie Ice Paving Good Steelhead Bite on Niagara


By Ted Kessler | 03/22/2015 While the cold has brought a lot of ice to Lake Erie this year its spelled great things for the Lower Niagara River here in Western NY and for the guys fishing it on the Ontario, Canada side. That ice has kept our water from getting muddy and sets us [...]

Erie Ice Paving Good Steelhead Bite on Niagara2018-04-18T19:05:22-07:00