27 11, 2013

Tillamook Area Kings Still Biting


By Big Dave Manners | 11/27/2013 Here in the Tillamook area we’ve had a great salmon season and although it’s slowing down quickly, there’s steelhead already showing. This leaves room for the rare chance to catch quality steelhead and Chinook during the next month. There’s a misconception that Chinook fishing in the Tillamook area is [...]

Tillamook Area Kings Still Biting2018-04-18T19:07:05-07:00
21 11, 2013

Steelhead & Silvers Following Rain Into Upper Rogue


By Steven Theel | 11/21/2013 November usually has people thinking coastal fall Kings here in Southern Oregon. However, where I fish on the Upper Rogue, it’s prime time for our late run summer steelhead. Starting November 1st the upper river opened back up to bait and all artificial lures after being flies only for two [...]

Steelhead & Silvers Following Rain Into Upper Rogue2018-04-18T19:07:06-07:00
20 11, 2013

Lake Superior Salmon Season Recap


By Tom Armstrong | 11/20/2013 As late fall rolls around here in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, many sportsman head for the woods, chasing any number of furry or feathered creatures. With generous hunting seasons for small and big game, and waterfowl, there are endless opportunities for hunters in this region. Conveniently for anglers, this takes a [...]

Lake Superior Salmon Season Recap2018-04-18T19:07:07-07:00