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Learn The Simplest Wisconsin Bobber & Egg Salmon Cure

So far we haven’t seen many kings or coho in our harbors in Southeast Wisconsin. However, as temperatures cool and we get some rain I’m expecting a fresh batch of salmon to migrate into our harbors and river systems. I’ve been fortunate to catch a few salmon already and recently cured a batch of skein […]

The New Awesome Egg Cure That You’ve Never Tried

I’ve been curing eggs for roughly 30 years and I’ve changed the way I cure eggs an endless amount of times. Up until a few years ago I always used powder cures. Meanwhile, after playing with wet brines, like Fire Brine, my egg curing process has changed dramatically. This season, nevertheless, it changed a ton, […]

Learn Proper Long Term Egg Storage: No Freezer Burn! No Dehydration!

By: Sam Baird With the abundant salmon runs that have invaded the Pacific Northwest this summer and fall many of us have been fortunate to stockpile fresh roe for future outings. Whether it was my Slammin’ Salmon Guide Service’s All Things Pautzke Egg Cure or one of the dozens of other FireBlogs! our pro staff […]

Learn To Cure Skein For Northern Michigan Salmon

When salmon fishing the Great Lakes a good cured egg is everything. If you have bait that’s cured right you can fish a piece of skein for 15-20 minutes whereas a poorly cured egg might only last a few drifts. Good bait is going to last longer and you aren’t going to go through as […]

Learn To Brine Quality Herring for Grays Harbor & Chehalis Salmon

I look forward to fall in the Pacific Northwest every year. Cool mornings, Seahawks football and leaves changing color coincide with the rivers filling with salmon. As Chinook and coho migrate from the Pacific Ocean into Grays Harbor and up into the Chehalis River and tributaries opportunities are numerous. The biggest challenge is knowing where […]

Manistee River Preview: Northern Michigan Salmon

By: Mark Chmura Some years the salmon run on the Manistee River is peaking about now. This isn’t one of those years. Our fall run hasn’t started yet. However, the next time we get a lot of rain and a north blow for a few days that should get these fish moving upriver. As it’s […]

The Perfect Back Bouncing Cure for Salmon

By: Steven Theel Rumor has it that back bouncing got its start roughly 75 years ago on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. It’s an extremely effective technique where you slowly bounce your salmon eggs along the bottom and walk it out using the current when fishing out of a boat. Typically, salmon are found […]

Cherokee North Carolina Sporting Epic Trout Bite

By: Chris Shaffer Following a summer marked by low and warm water levels this weekend’s cold snap in the Southeast spurred an incredible trout bite in Cherokee, North Carolina. While Monday and Tuesday saw nominal pressure, those who were fishing saw 10-fish limits in fewer than 30 minutes in some instances. “It’s the warmest summer […]

New York’s Salmon River Expected to See Salmon This Week

By: Troy Creasy Judging by what we saw from time to time on Lake Ontario this summer I’m convinced there’s going to be more salmon in the Salmon River this fall than last year. In fact, they are stacked up good in front of the Salmon River right now and there’s as many as we’ve […]

Mix of First & Second Run Silvers Providing Action on Alaska’s Kenai

Fishing has been consistent on the Kenai River, but I wouldn’t call it normal. It should be full on second run right now and instead we are seeing a mixture of everything: our first run of silvers is still here, our second run is coming in and there’s still sockeye in the system. The water […]