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Monthly Archives: June 2014

18 06, 2014

Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek Stuffed With Trout


By Chris Shaffer | 06/18/2014 Duane Inglin looked perplexed. Stunned, in fact. The radio co-host and veteran seminar speaker/bait junkie was standing on the south side of South Central Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek with this side of the hole to himself when a man walked up, stood two feet upstream from him and cast into the [...]

Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek Stuffed With Trout2018-04-18T19:06:26-07:00
17 06, 2014

Kentucky’s Cumberland Rainbows Showing Big


By Chris Shaffer | 06/17/2014 It’s been a long time since the Pautzke family has fished in Kentucky. In fact, since established in 1934, we’ve never been. It took selling more than 90 million jars of our salmon eggs to finally peek between the borders of the Commonwealth for trout. In the decade I’ve been [...]

Kentucky’s Cumberland Rainbows Showing Big2018-04-18T19:06:26-07:00
12 06, 2014

Berryessa Kicking Out Cali’s Largest Kokanee


By Troy Barr | 06/12/2014 Two years ago was the freak year at Lake Berryessa. We saw kokanee up to 22 inches. Our fish were big, like Flaming Gorge kokanee. Last year, on the other hand, our kokanee were a little smaller. Sure we caught some 19-inch fish, but most were 16-18 inches. This year [...]

Berryessa Kicking Out Cali’s Largest Kokanee2018-04-18T19:06:26-07:00
11 06, 2014

Salmon River Springer Action Expected To Be Epic


By Homer Brown | 06/11/2014 While springer season has ended in much of the Northwest, where I fish it’s just begun. The Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho, is kind of special because every five years we get a real late run of spring Chinook and that late run is taking place now. The reason we [...]

Salmon River Springer Action Expected To Be Epic2018-04-18T19:06:27-07:00
10 06, 2014

Don Pedro Kokanee To Peak In June


By Danny Layne | 06/10/2014 Normally, this time of year in the Motherlode there are 100s of boats out kokanee fishing daily. However, every newspaper and publication around keeps talking about the drought. The negative coverage has hurt the guide business and people haven’t been calling to book trips because they assume there’s no water [...]

Don Pedro Kokanee To Peak In June2018-04-18T19:06:28-07:00
8 06, 2014

Low Water Not Hampering Stampede Kokanee Bite


By Rick Kennedy | 06/08/2014 As with many of our Northern California reservoirs, the water level at Stampede is very low. I’ve fished here many times the last few months. Last week the boat ramp was a few feet below the end of the concrete, so you are actually launching in the dirt. With four-wheel [...]

Low Water Not Hampering Stampede Kokanee Bite2018-04-18T19:06:29-07:00
6 06, 2014

New Mexico’s Eagle Nest Lake Kicking Out Huge Early Season Kokanee


By Chris Shaffer | 06/06/2014 Northern New Mexico’s Eagle Nest Lake’s low water levels have drawn the lake a bad wrap in recent years. Many anglers stopped coming because they associated drought with poor fishing. That fallacy isn’t true. After spending a few hours on the lake last week with Danny Selman of Eagle Nest [...]

New Mexico’s Eagle Nest Lake Kicking Out Huge Early Season Kokanee2018-04-18T19:06:29-07:00
5 06, 2014

Cooler Water Keeping Kokanee Active & Waterskiers Off Donner


By Rick Kennedy | 06/05/2014 The colder than normal weather has helped anglers at Donner Lake this spring. While it hasn’t changed how we fish for our kokanee, it has kept water-skiers and other boaters off the lake, which has made trolling much easier. We haven’t had other boats to contend with. Traditionally, by Memorial [...]

Cooler Water Keeping Kokanee Active & Waterskiers Off Donner2018-04-18T19:06:30-07:00
4 06, 2014

Chelan Kokanee Showing No Signs of Slowing Down


By Sam Baird | 06/04/2014 Entering June here in Washington State most are thinking about salmon. Spring Chinook have entered the Columbia River and are making their way up to the tributaries, being chased by anglers the entire way to their spawning grounds. I’ve been kokanee fishing Lake Chelan for months, but have switched over [...]

Chelan Kokanee Showing No Signs of Slowing Down2018-04-18T19:06:31-07:00
3 06, 2014

Washington Kokanee Anglers Flocking To American Lake


By Duane Inglin | 06/03/2014 It’s no secret. Kokanee fishing in Washington is one of the fastest growing recreational fisheries and continues to gain popularity. American Lake has had kokanee longer then I’ve been alive. Meanwhile, being a salmon and steelhead fanatic I only got serious about kokanee recently. In my first season a typical [...]

Washington Kokanee Anglers Flocking To American Lake2018-04-18T19:06:31-07:00
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