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28 08, 2013

An Easy Cure For Great Lakes Salmon


By Kyle McClelland | 08/28/2013 I’m excited for the river king salmon season to come. And, while I like to throw cranks my best producer for kings is using big pieces of skein. The curing process I use is a simple, basic cure. I don’t do anything fancy. It’s great for guys just getting into [...]

An Easy Cure For Great Lakes Salmon2018-04-18T19:07:25-07:00
27 08, 2013

Pure Michigan Cure: Learn To Cure Eggs Michigan Style


By Kyle Buck | 08/27/2013 The last few seasons I have spent a ton of time playing around with different cures. Personally, I only use Pautzke cures now and have came up with a mix that I feel is a great day in, day out producer when fishing for kings in Western Michigan tributaries. When [...]

Pure Michigan Cure: Learn To Cure Eggs Michigan Style2018-04-18T19:07:26-07:00
26 08, 2013

How Syracuse Orange Fans Cure Eggs


By Andy Bliss | 08/26/2013 How We Cure Eggs For Lake Ontario Tribs I spend my fall fishing Lake Ontario tributaries for salmon and I like my eggs to be on the tough side when I fish places like the Oswego River, which has heavy current. However, if I was fishing places with less current, [...]

How Syracuse Orange Fans Cure Eggs2018-04-18T19:07:27-07:00
22 08, 2013

No Roe? No Problem! Enter Balls O Fire Roe


By Casey Kelley | 08/22/2013 Our family has been curing eggs for more than 80 years. Since Pautzke was created in 1934 we’ve sold more than 90 million jars of cured, single salmon eggs and helped establish trout fishing as a pastime in the Americas. Recently, we figured it was time to share another secret [...]

No Roe? No Problem! Enter Balls O Fire Roe2018-04-18T19:07:33-07:00
21 08, 2013

Rolling Shad For Big Trout


By Danny Layne | 08/21/2013 I’ve been rolling shad since New Melones Reservoir was filled in 1981. Back then, the easiest way to catch big trout was rolling shad in the summer and fall. Since then, and to this day, when Melones and Don Pedro are super healthy you can see the bass and the [...]

Rolling Shad For Big Trout2018-04-18T19:07:35-07:00
20 08, 2013