26 02, 2015

Idaho Steelhead Best in Decades


By Toby Wyatt | 02/26/2015 The last three months have yielded the best fishing we’ve seen on the Clearwater River in a few decades. Sure, fishing isn’t as hot as it was a few weeks ago when we were catching 20-30 steelhead a day, but who could complain about the 15-25 we’re still catching per [...]

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20 02, 2015

Get Your Dip On: Catch More Steelhead


By Bob Kratzer | 02/20/2015 We are in the heart of winter steelhead season and always looking for the hot ticket to catch more fish. For several years I’ve been working perfecting a dip to enable my clients to gain an edge. It’s been a staple of ours in the past to dip eggs, jigs, [...]

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9 02, 2015

Cowlitz Steelhead Turning On Now


By Todd Daniels | 02/09/2015 The best run of hatchery steelhead fishing in the Northwest is on the Cowlitz River in March, with maybe the exception of the Clearwater River in Idaho. With that said, the run seems to be transpiring early this year. The fish are showing up big-time right now. Last year there [...]

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5 02, 2015

Perfect Natural Color Eggs For Steelhead


By Mick Thomas | 02/05/2015 Egg cures are available in different colors. There are a variety of colors and choices to fit your needs. The bait of choice for me for winter steelhead on the coast is Pautzke’s Natural BorX O Fire. That’s my go-to egg for my Steelhead Candy. I’m partial to natural, but [...]

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3 02, 2015

Smith River Expecting Fresh Fish After Big Storm


By Mick Thomas | 02/03/2015 It’s been a rollercoaster season on the Smith River. We’ve had highs and lows. We expect to see more fish and in good numbers, but until we get more rains (which are here now) we wont know what’s ahead of us. I’m optimistic we’ll see a strong push of fish [...]

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2 02, 2015

Curing Single Steelhead Eggs & Tying Bags For Great Lakes Steelhead


By Josh Choronzey | 02/02/2015 It’s curing season in the Great Lakes and a perfect time to recap how to cure winter steelhead skeins. This method is effective everywhere in the Great Lakes and can be used on the West Coast, too, even though most anglers out West fish pieces of skein. There are many [...]

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