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Monthly Archives: May 2014

30 05, 2014

Cimarron River Stuffed With Rainbows


By Duane Inglin | 05/30/2014 Over the last two months I’ve spent a lot of time on the water catching kokanee in the Pacific Northwest, but jumped at the opportunity to return to Northern New Mexico to catch high mountain trout. With so many options to choose from we opted to drive to Cimarron River, [...]

Cimarron River Stuffed With Rainbows2018-04-18T19:06:34-07:00
28 05, 2014

Santa Monica Bay Red Crabs Showing Well


By Jim Salazar | 05/28/2014 In mid March lobster season closes in Southern California. When it does the majority of the hoopnetters in the Southland hang-up their hoop nets until October when the season reopens. Most don’t realize there’s another delicious resource at their fingertips. Known more by tourists than crabbers, Santa Monica Bay offers [...]

Santa Monica Bay Red Crabs Showing Well2018-04-18T19:06:34-07:00
26 05, 2014

Huge Springers In the Tillamook Area


By Big Dave Manners | 05/26/2014 If you want big springers it’s going to be a challenge to find larger springers anywhere in the Northwest than what we have here in the Tillamook area. Our springers are much larger than the Columbia and Willamette fish. We get lots of 20 pound spring salmon, and the [...]

Huge Springers In the Tillamook Area2018-04-18T19:06:35-07:00
21 05, 2014

Tennessee’s Little Pigeon River Loaded With Stockers


By Chris Shaffer | 05/21/2014 Throughout spring and summer the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area is one of the largest tourist traps in the country. Visitors from the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast suffocate the roads, restaurants, shops and family fun zones. For those who want to avoid the crowds, great stocked trout fishing is available [...]

Tennessee’s Little Pigeon River Loaded With Stockers2018-04-18T19:06:36-07:00
14 05, 2014

Cowlitz Springers Coming Even In High Water


By Todd Daniels | 05/14/2014 It’s chopping up to be an average year for springers on the Cowlitz River, but anglers are having to work harder than normal to catch fish, at least right now and for the next few weeks. We have a smolt release going on and because of it we have super [...]

Cowlitz Springers Coming Even In High Water2018-04-18T19:06:37-07:00
11 05, 2014

Lake Ontario Browns Pinned To The Shore


By Chris Shaffer | 05/11/2014 Even though I’ve traveled more than 250 days a year since working for Pautzke for the last decade, I’m technically born and raised a Californian. Here on the West Coast, catching large numbers of quality brown trout is often a chore. Sure, there’s fisheries that offer trophy browns and stable [...]

Lake Ontario Browns Pinned To The Shore2018-04-18T19:06:39-07:00
9 05, 2014

Will Green Or Natural Be The Hot Upriver Color For Herring This Year?


By John Albrich | 05/09/2014 Last year I caught all my springers in the Lower Clearwater River, well the area they call The Pond, on green Fire Brined herring. With springer season ready to bust loose literally tomorrow I’m curious if green will again be the go-to color this spring, or if the salmon will [...]

Will Green Or Natural Be The Hot Upriver Color For Herring This Year?2018-04-18T19:06:40-07:00
8 05, 2014

Adding Scent To Plugs For Salmon


By John Albrich | 05/08/2014 Spring Chinook have invaded the Pacific Northwest and while there’s an endless number of ways to catch them, one of the most popular and effective is wrapping a Yakima Bait Mag Lip 5.0 or Kwikfish. It’s no secret that one of the most popular baits to wrap it with is [...]

Adding Scent To Plugs For Salmon2018-04-18T19:06:40-07:00
7 05, 2014

Why Are All The Pros Using Fire Power?


By Toby Wyatt | 05/07/2014 I’ve had Pautzke Fire Power sitting in my garage for about five years now. (Owner) Casey Kelley sent it to me to try a few years back and while I did open one of the bottles, I didn’t really try it. A case of it has been sitting in the [...]

Why Are All The Pros Using Fire Power?2018-04-18T19:06:40-07:00
6 05, 2014

The Definitive Guide To Clearwater River Springer Fishing


By Jason Schultz | 05/06/2014 As springer counts continue to accelerate over Bonneville Dam, Eastern Washington and Idaho fishermen are chomping at the bit to get in on the action. Here in Lewiston, Idaho, we know we have a special fishery. This is a real river, and a very scenic one at that. Unlike the [...]

The Definitive Guide To Clearwater River Springer Fishing2018-04-18T19:06:41-07:00
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