Monthly Archives: October 2015

Lower Smith River Loaded With Salmon

By: Mick Thomas Whereas last year returns were poor this fall we’ve seen a large number of salmon in the Lower Smith River. Last year we had a few early big rains, which pulled the fish through the system faster and minimized the time we could target salmon. Fortunately, we haven’t had those early season […]

Peak Season on the Chetco: Home of Oregon’s Largest Salmon

By Andy Martin Tales of giant kings have long made Southern Oregon’s Chetco River a favorite of fall salmon anglers. Few rivers match the scenery, and quality of fish, found on the Chetco. Fish over 50 pounds are caught each year, although the vast majority of the salmon run 20 to 25 pounds. Fish over […]

Learn The Hottest New Technique: Making Plug Balls For Salmon

By: Bob Kratzer Wrapping your favorite plug with bait has become the norm for successful salmon anglers. While it’s a great addition to any plug its time consuming and tedious. It’s no secret that running Flatfish, Maglips and other plugs are standard techniques when chasing salmon, but I often get asked what to wrap your […]

Learn How to Prep Eggs For Fall Salmon

By: Duane Inglin We get a lot of questions about curing eggs. Meanwhile, it doesn’t stop there. Anglers also want to know how to store and freeze eggs. Recently, many anglers have asked me to prep eggs for fishing, something I’m going to cover today. When salmon fishing you generally want a wet egg that […]

Way Late: Niagara River Salmon Starting to Show

By Ted Kessler Up till a week ago I was telling my clients they need to reschedule or cancel their Niagara River salmon trips because the run was two to three weeks behind due to an unusual heat wave we had around Label Day. It’s been a weird late summer. At the warmest it’s suppose […]

Award Winning Author Details His Uses For Pautzke Nectar

By Terry J. Wiest When it comes to egg fishing in rivers for fall salmon is there anything better than good, milking eggs and a series of plump, juicy eggs sitting clustered together on your hook? Particularly speaking, I like to see a gentle stream of goo released from each egg not only giving off […]

Tillamook Bay Salmon: The Best Since The 80s?

By: Pat Abel Our Tillamook Bay fishery started two weeks earlier than normal and it’s the best I’ve seen since the 80s. I’m see high quality, large fish and lots of fish. What’s going on right now here on the Oregon Coast is epic. There’s so many salmon it’s crazy. What we are seeing now […]

The Wild Skein/Egg Alternative: Using Dye as a Coloring Agent on Cured Eggs

By: Andy Bliss Normally, when targeting Great Lakes salmon in the fall I use Red and Pink Fire Cure eggs. However, when conditions get tough and there’s a lot of pressure on the water I like to experiment with different colors. Fortunately, I’ve had a surplus of skein, which has enabled me to try out […]

Hanford Reach Bite Continues to Impress

By: Brad Wagner Many people think that when Buoy 10 ends the masses stop fishing for Chinook. However, we’ve had great fishing further upstream on the Columbia for more than a month and action should remain status quo through late October with more and more fish coming in. The fishing is getting better and better […]

Ontario’s Nipigon Salmon: A Few Weeks Left in the Action

By: Tom Armstrong It’s fall salmon season on the north shore of Lake Superior where we are enjoying another consistent Chinook run on the Nipigon River, our most popular river, and many of the smaller, lesser known tributaries. There’s nothing more beautiful than wading a river amongst the fall colours of Northwestern Ontario and fishing […]