Monthly Archives: January 2016

Three Must Have Egg Tricks For Late Winter Steelhead

By: Brian Kelly With the winter doldrums slowly easing off expect mild weather to jumpstart those stale winter steelhead holdovers and attract fresh contestants as the spring run begins to take shape. Egg presentations have always been a staple among the hardcore steelheading contingency, but a few simple tweaks to your eggs can lead to […]

Learn To Mix Orange & Natural For the Perfect Coastal Egg Cure

By: Rye Phillips Hardly anyone uses Orange BorX O Fire around here. Most people on the West Coast use Red, Pink or Natural BorX O Fire to cure eggs. However, in the last few years orange has become my go-to bait. To perfect that bait further I’ve become accustom to mixing the orange and the […]

Learn to Catch Fish With Live Fire Dye Minnows

By: Kevin Davis Think about it your plastic bait, jigs and lures are bright. When you walk the aisle looking at fishing lures most of them are bright. We all know there’s nothing that catches more fish than live bait so why not make it bright too? At least that’s what I thought a year […]

Learn To Fish Brined & Colored Minnows: For Trout & Steelhead

By: Kyle McClelland Similar to women steelhead and trout are indecisive. And, also like women, when you think you have them figured out their habits change, putting you in a humble state. This is why targeting winter steelhead and trout has become such a big passion of mine. Meanwhile, every avid steelheader knows how vital […]

Learn To Make Cheap, Scent Holding Rockfish Jigs

By Andy Martin Anyone who has spent much time fishing for rockfish on the West Coast between California and Alaska knows action can be fast and furious when you get into a big school of them. They also know you can lose a lot of gear, and the cost of rigging can take a big […]

Great Lakes Pike Hammering Fire Dye & Fire Brine Live and Dead Bait

By: Kyle Deavers Due to late arriving ice Saturday was the first time I’d ice fished for pike this year. Meanwhile, upon arrival there were so many people already fishing I was contemplating heading back to the harbor to fish for browns and steelhead. Upon arrival we noticed more than 100 anglers already set up […]

Gray’s Harbor Steelhead Showing in Big Numbers

By: Mike Ainesworth The Gray’s Harbor Rivers have been excellent for hatchery steelhead this winter. In fact, I don’t remember a year this productive in the last decade. Most surprising, this is coming off of a bad coho season. Historically, when you have a poor coho run the steelhead follow suit. For whatever reason that […]

The Alternative: Tipping Jigs With Uncured Shrimp

By: TJ Hester Bobber and jig is to steelheading like apple pie is to American culture. While other techniques have evolved and developed, so has perfecting the original. Last year I mentioned how I tip my jigs with Pautzke eggs as well as coon shrimp tails. That hasn’t changed. Meanwhile, I’ve learned other ways to […]

Montana Rainbows Showing Through the Ice

By: Chris Shaffer After fishing for pike and walleye in North Central Montana we had planned to spend Friday touring Glacier National Park. Meanwhile, deteriorating road conditions forced us to remain in Chester for another night. Rather than drive back to Great Falls and catch and early flight out we opted to ice fish for […]

Oregon’s Umpqua River Producing Lots of Steelhead

By: Kyle Buschelman Following a dry spring and summer we’ve had a wet winter on the Central Oregon Coast which has pushed the Umpqua to levels higher than I’d like to fish. The rain has forced anglers to be flexible with which section of the Umpqua they fish. The downfall to the Umpqua is it […]