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Bojan Zivkovic

15 10, 2018

GTA Salmon Season Still Going Strong


By: Bojan “Bojangles” Zivkovic On the heels of an excellent big lake season our GTA rivers are plugged with salmon. Most Lake Ontario tributaries (east and west of Toronto) still have an abundance of salmon. I’m expecting the run to last at least a few more weeks. Meanwhile, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and Lake Superior [...]

GTA Salmon Season Still Going Strong2018-10-15T14:39:33-07:00
17 04, 2018

Ontario Steelhead Anglers Finding Surf Fishing Action


By: Bojan Zivkovic With the trout opener still a few weeks away I started off my late winter/early spring steelhead season by surf fishing and have found willing steelhead. Plunking Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay beaches and river mouths using big spawn sacs with fresh steelhead skein cured with Orange Fire Cure has been the hot [...]

Ontario Steelhead Anglers Finding Surf Fishing Action2018-04-18T18:56:08-07:00
28 11, 2017

The Southern Ontario Fall/Winter Steelhead Preview


By: Bojan Zivkovic This fall the majority Southern Ontario anglers noticed a later start to the salmon and steelhead season. Chinook ran in bigger numbers in October and many have been hanging around until now. Steelhead action didn’t pick up until mid October once water temperatures cooled. The runs are reminiscent of how runs were [...]

The Southern Ontario Fall/Winter Steelhead Preview2018-04-18T18:56:47-07:00
24 09, 2017

GTA Salmon Bite to Take Off with Cooler Weather


By: Bojan Zivkovic The Great Lakes have seen an increase in Chinook and coho populations this summer, and following stellar summer fishing on Lake Ontario we’re expecting a promising salmon run in our GTA rivers this fall. The cool rain and mild temperatures we saw a few weeks ago drew salmon into tributaries on the [...]

GTA Salmon Bite to Take Off with Cooler Weather2018-04-18T18:57:19-07:00
9 08, 2017

Toronto Salmon Bite Impressing Ontario Trollers


By: Bojan Zivkovic Salmon season has been productive on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Trollers chasing Chinook, coho and steelhead in the depths been hooking good numbers of fish, and those big Chinook are averaging more than 20 pounds. I’ve noticed a healthy population of baitfish. This is a good sign of a healthy [...]

Toronto Salmon Bite Impressing Ontario Trollers2018-04-18T18:57:47-07:00
31 03, 2017

GTA Seeing Early Spring Steelhead Action


By: Bojan Zivkovic During the past couple months we’ve experienced dramatic weather changes in Southwestern Ontario. Temperatures have been inconsistent. We've seen 30-degree differences in two days. These abnormal temperature swings have affected plants, wildlife and trout/steelhead. For example, a month ago mild temperatures drew steelhead into our rivers. Meanwhile, the systems were quick to [...]

GTA Seeing Early Spring Steelhead Action2018-04-18T18:58:51-07:00
21 12, 2016

Southern Ontario Steelhead Iced Into Winter Pattern


By: Bojan Zivkovic Our fall steelhead season flew by quickly in Southwestern Ontario. A reflection of low water conditions, many rivers saw poor returns. Low water has affected our winter steelhead, too. When we have high water our rivers normally fish in mid winter. Meanwhile, with the low water we have now many of our [...]

Southern Ontario Steelhead Iced Into Winter Pattern2018-04-18T18:59:20-07:00
23 10, 2016

Salmon Still Running in the Greater Toronto Area


By: Bojan Zivkovic The north shore of Lake Ontario has seen a strong salmon run this fall and it’s not over yet. Considering rivers have little water the fishing has been stellar in Southwestern Ontario. Low water levels forced schools of salmon into long and deep stretches, which is where they are now. These fish [...]

Salmon Still Running in the Greater Toronto Area2018-04-18T18:59:41-07:00
29 09, 2016

It’s Game Time For Southern Ontario Salmon


By: Bojan Zivkovic Having seen quite a few floats drop thus far I can officially say salmon season has begun in harbors, rivers and creeks of Southwestern Ontario. We have seen a significant drop in temperatures and finally got a bit of rain, which brought in a wave of staging salmon that have been hovering [...]

It’s Game Time For Southern Ontario Salmon2018-04-18T19:00:07-07:00
3 05, 2016

Southern Ontario Trout & Steelhead Still on Tap


By: Bojan Zivkovic This year’s spring steelhead season has seen smaller numbers of migrating steelhead compared to the last three years. Although fishing has been decent, we’ve had to grind it out when a fresh run wasn’t coming in. I believe the steelhead run is smaller because of the hot summer we had four years [...]

Southern Ontario Trout & Steelhead Still on Tap2018-04-18T19:01:42-07:00
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