Monthly Archives: August 2019

Epic Bait Bite Underway For Great Lakes Salmon

By: Stephen Shen Another historic salmon season is underway in the Great Lakes where salmon fishing is incredible. Our fish (on Lake Ontario) are slightly smaller than last year. However, numbers are outstanding. At this time most active feeders are in water below 60 degrees. On the other hand, this will change as these salmon […]

Buoy 10 Update: Way Better Than Expected

By: Toby Wyatt After a dismal preseason forecast we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good the fishing has been at Buoy 10. It’s way better than expected. Way better. In a normal year you don’t often experience a good Chinook and coho run. It’s usually one or the other. However, this season we’ve been catching […]

Epic Lingcod Action in the Gulf of Alaska

By: Chris Shaffer There’s no doubt Alaska serves up some of the best lingcod fishing in the world. And, while some areas offer better fishing than others nobody will argue how good the fishing is out of Valdez during the summer months. Of all the ports in Alaska, Valdez is one of our favorite, partially […]