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A Veteran Guide’s Favorite: The Tutti Frutti Cure

By: Bob Kratzer Steelhead season is upon us. For many anglers that means curing and fishing eggs. As a guide I’m always looking for an effective, yet quick way to cure eggs that my customers and I have confidence in. I need these eggs to have good color, durability and flavor that steelhead can’t resist. […]

Guidelines to Scenting Eggs The Easy Way

By: Bob Kratzer It’s fall salmon time and that means egg fishing. We all work on coming up with the best egg cure that we can, and a lot of us have done just that. However, I don’t know any guides or serious egg fisherman that does not add a little something extra to his […]

Guide Reveals His Top West Coast Egg Cure

By: Bob Kratzer Fall salmon season is in full swing. I cure a lot of eggs this time of year. This includes eggs for the rest of salmon season and the upcoming steelhead and springer seasons. Each season I continue to pursue the best way to cure quality eggs and do so in a timely […]

Run Prawns for Columbia River Summer Steelhead

By: Bob Kratzer Summertime on the Columbia River and its tributaries spells opportunity to catch summer steelhead and summer Chinook. Whether from the bank or on a boat this fishery has been dominated by anglers using coon stripe prawns the last decade. Many commercial outfits produce prawns and sell them at retailers, but most carry […]

Learn A Quick & Easy Steelhead Cure

By: Bob Kratzer The new age of egg curing has become more complicated. There are more steps and more ingredients. Meanwhile, if you ask an old time steelheader they would tell you to “just use borax cured eggs.” When I’m short on time and need to cure quality eggs I do something similar. Rather than […]

Learn the Nectar Infused Spray Bottle Scent Every Salmon/Steelhead Angler Should Have

By: Bob Kratzer Fall is here and so are summer steelhead and salmon. One thing both have in common is their love for eggs. We all know I cure my eggs in Fire Cure, but adding more scent to eggs is always important. Salmon anglers have successfully added Pautzke Red Nectar to eggs, wraps and […]

Recent Uptick in Cowlitz Springers

By: Bob Kratzer Springer fishing on the Cowlitz River has been decent. It hasn’t been horrible and hasn’t been great. There’s fish here and we’ve had an uptick in recent days, but we are dealing with high and cold water and that’s made catching them more challenging. It’s been a long time since conditions were […]

Learn To Add Seasoning For Trout/Salmon/Steelhead Success

By: Bob Kratzer Salmon constantly switch up what they key in on. Meanwhile, I’ve been noticing recently they are really focusing more on krill stuff. And, that’s with everything: my Super Baits, eggs and jigs. Krill scent defines our success right now and lately a lot of it is coming on jigs. What I’m trying […]

Egg Bite Shining on Alaska’s Nushagak River

By: Chris Shaffer Regardless of where you sit there’s always passengers talking about fishing when flying to Alaska or within the state. Flying on Alaska Air I was in seat 3A with jet service to Dillingham, Alaska, last week. The flight is fewer than an hour, but it didn’t take that long for the man […]

Learn The Hottest New Technique: Making Plug Balls For Salmon

By: Bob Kratzer Wrapping your favorite plug with bait has become the norm for successful salmon anglers. While it’s a great addition to any plug its time consuming and tedious. It’s no secret that running Flatfish, Maglips and other plugs are standard techniques when chasing salmon, but I often get asked what to wrap your […]