By: Bob Kratzer

It’s fall salmon time and that means egg fishing. We all work on coming up with the best egg cure that we can, and a lot of us have done just that. However, I don’t know any guides or serious egg fisherman that does not add a little something extra to his or her eggs to entice the fish even better. For me, this is where Atlas Mike’s oils and gels play a huge role into catching more salmon and steelhead.

Everyone knows I use BorX O Fire, Pautzke Nectar and Fire Cure on my eggs, but adding scent can bring any good cured egg to the next level. I use a pretty simple process to add Atlas Mike’s Glo Oil and Lunker Lotion scents to my favorite Pautzke egg cures. Meanwhile, I don’t like to add scents to my eggs during the curing process mostly because I don’t know what scent the salmon or steelhead are going to like during the fishing season or from day to day. That can change hour by hour.

When salmon fishing with clients being well prepared is part of the routine. This includes catering my eggs, desired bait size, technique and scents for the water conditions that I will be dealing. To do so I start with five small containers, cut baits to the size we plan to use and layer it in the jars.

I drizzle various flavors of Glo Oil or Lunker Lotion onto the cut bait. Don’t over do it. Simply drizzle a small amount over the baits making sure that each piece gets a little on it. Everyone has his or her own method. However, I prefer to only scent one layer at a time. Therefore, I’ll add scent to each piece of the first layer, then place a paper towel down and scent the second layer and so on. Normally, I can fit three scented layers in the Tupperware.

I bring five egg containers fishing daily, but only scent four. The other is for Pautzke cured eggs with no scent added. Not knowing from day to day what the fish might like I aim to have one set of roe ready incase one scent becomes hot or they just wanted plain cured eggs.


*Use different color lids and coordinate them with the specific scent used.

*Atlas Mike’s Glo Oil and Lunker Lotion are the best in the business. Between the two styles all the scents that salmon and steelhead are drawn to is available.

*For salmon my favorites are: Sardine, Anchovy, Anise, Garlic, Salmon, Anise Herring, Sand Shrimp.

*For steelhead my favorites are: Sand Shrimp, Krill, Steelhead, Anise, Crayfish, Anise & Shrimp.

Adding scent to your baits is a quick and easy way to enhance your favorite cures and make them more effective. The scent doesn’t hurt the eggs rather enhances them. Try these scents or favorite flavors of your own and plan to see catch rates improve.

Editor’s Note: Veteran guide Bob Kratzer operates Anglers Guide Service. To learn more about his guided salmon trips please visit