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For more than 80 years Pautzke Bait Company has been the leader for fishing baits in North America. We continue our family tradition of providing the finest baits, scents and attractants to anglers with the most effective attractant developed for blue crabs: Blue Crab Fuel. Where else can you Soak A Rag and Catch A Crab? Blue Crab Fuel strives at drawing more and larger crabs in from a wider geographic area than simply using eel, bull nips, cut bait, chicken necks, turkey necks and menhaden by itself. Recreational crabbers and commercial fishermen using Blue Crab Fuel in conjunction with those baits bring larger and more crabs into traps at a quicker rate.

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Pautzke Bait Co. now continues the family tradition of providing the finest baits and attractants to anglers around the world with the most effective additive ever developed for crab and shrimp bait: Crab & Shrimp Fuel. It’s a well-known fact that the oils and amino acids from salmon eggs are among the best shrimp and crab baits in the world, and Crab & Shrimp Fuel starts out with a foundation that only Pautzke can create: the essence of our Balls O’ Fire eggs. This foundation is boosted with Dad Pautzke’s proprietary mix of scents and feeding stimulators that attract crab and shrimp from a wider geographic area than regular baits. Crab & Shrimp Fuel is simple to use and deadly effective for all species of crab and shrimp!


STEP 1: Got Bait?

Get bait. Most common is chicken, but an array of other baits is effective. If you choose to simply use a rag that applies here, too.

STEP 2: Score!

Use a knife to careful score the meat/flesh of the chicken. This enables the Blue Crab Fuel to penetrate deeper into the pieces.

STEP 3: Ziploc Is Your Friend

Take chicken (or other bait), or your rag, etc, and place it into a Ziploc.

STEP 4: Bag Contents Turn Blue

Add Blue Crab Fuel. It’s important to pour in enough to submerge the rags/ bait.

STEP 5: The Soak

Let the rags/bait soak in Blue Crab Fuel for at least six hours. We recommend an overnight soaking. This enables the scent to integrate into the bait/rag and seep out while resting on the bottom of the bay/river/estuary/ocean. The more the scent absorbs the more effective is and the longer it lasts.

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