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Mark Chmura

A living legend in the Great Lakes, Captain Mark Chmura’s passion for salmon and steelhead fishing began in 1979 on a trip to the Betsie River in search steelhead. After years of trial and error, Chmura began to figure out the ways of the steelhead and commenced his guiding career in 1988. After a couple successful seasons on the stream, Chmura began to focus on the Great Lakes trolling scene in 1990. His uncanny ability to find fish quickly made him one of the top charter captains out of the busy port of Manistee, Michigan. His expertise on the water, promotional abilities and professionalism has earned him a spot as one of the greatest freshwater anglers in the Midwest off all-time.

When not running salmon charters on Lake Michigan in the summer, Chmura opts to get involved with various salmon tournaments along Lake Michigan. His tournament record includes an astounding 21 first place finishes and more than 100 top ten placements. Chmura spends the spring trolling out of Manistee for browns, steelhead and king salmon. His focus narrows to kings in the summer and steelhead/Coho in the fall. Through the winter months, Chmura focuses on steelhead in the Manistee and other local rivers.

Not only has Chmura proven his skill on the steelhead and king salmon, his knowledge of catching trophy sized brown trout is second to none. In 1995, he put a client on a 16 pound line class world record brown trout that weighed a whopping 30 lb 8 ounces.

Owner of Pier Pressure Charters, Chmura’s solid reputation as a top guide in the Great Lakes has made him a consistent guest on TV shows such as In-Fisherman, MUCC’s Michigan Out of Doors, as well as Great Lakes Outdoors and Tim Roller’s Wild Addiction. Never at a loss for words, his thoughts and theories have been featured in numerous magazines such as Great Lakes Angler, In-Fisherman, Woods and Water and Michigan Outdoor News, to name a few. He’s also performed dozens of seminars throughout Michigan and Wisconsin over the years and makes regular appearances at the Ultimate Sport Show in Grand Rapids.

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