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Andy Couch

Andy Couch guides Alaska salmon fishing charters on the Little Susitna River, a small extremely productive river, located a mere 90-minute drive northwest of Anchorage. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), the Little Susitna, is the number two producer of sport caught coho salmon in a state famous for abundant and spectacular salmon fisheries. Having worked two summers interviewing Little Susitna River salmon anglers for ADF&G, and then personally guiding thousands of salmon anglers on the river during the past quarter century, Couch is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on Little Susitna River salmon fishing.

Through his guide business, seminars, and magazine articles Couch helped pioneer and popularize casting spinners for all species of salmon, pulling plugs for king salmon, and drifting bait under bobbers on the Little Susitna River. All three techniques have blossomed into highly productive methods frequently used by numerous guide services and private anglers for catching “Little Su” salmon.

Another feather in his cap, Couch became the first Little Su guide to run a quieter, cleaner and more fuel efficient 4-stroke outboard, which vastly increased the efficiency and comfort of Couch’s older boats, yet created a hodgepodge appearance. After deciding his guests would benefit from longer, wider, upgraded boats and unable to find ready-made boats with the features he wanted, Couch contracted with Gary Feaster, owner of Greatland Welding and Machine in Palmer, Alaska, to custom build two new boats. They were the first boats built by Greatland, but enhancements of comfort and functionality were obvious, price was great, and place of manufacture kept money circulating in the local economy. Ten years later, Greatland brand is the most used guide boat on the Little Susitna River and standard features from these boats are frequent custom additions to other brands used on the river.

Couch’s talents extend off the water, too. He has written articles for Alaska Magazine, Alaska Outdoors, the Frontiersman’s Mat-Su Visitor’s Guide and Fish Alaska magazine and often presents salmon fishing seminars at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show and Mat-Su Outdoorsman’s Show. In addition, he and his business, Fishtale River Guides, have been featured in Anchorage on Alaska radio, newspaper, and TV segments. Through his website, Couch provides daily summer fishing reports, supplies free Alaska trip planning resources and discusses quality gear used on his salmon charters.

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