Learn To Make Spawn Sacks With Dough Bait

By: Bojangles

Pautzke’s Fire Bait is effective, simple to use and a proven trout-catcher in Canada and the United States. The dough bait floats, has vibrant colors, a strong trout-attracting scent and is designed to keep your bait floating off bottom at your desired depth in the water column. This makes it the perfect bait for those who like fishing off bottom for trout. Fire Bait is one of the easiest trout baits to use, great for beginners and because of its soft and easily moldable texture it’s easy to bait on your hook.


Dough bait users traditionally like to roll the dough bait into balls and mold their dough bait onto a hook, concealing the whole hook itself in the rounded ball of Fire Bait. This simple technique works, but from time to time the Fire Bait, like any dough bait, falls off the hook. This can happen when casting, if it hits weeds or structure on the way to the bottom or during many other factors.


While it’s more work than most anglers want to do I like to reinforce the bait presentation myself in a way most people have not seen before. By tying the Fire Bait in spawn sacks the bait does not come off the hook. By doing this I never have to worry about by bait being on the hook. I know it’s there.


This method is no different than when I tie my Fire Bait balls (Pautzke salmon eggs) into spawn sacs. The reason behind why I like to tie Fire Bait into sacs is because of the extra security it gives you not only on keeping the bait on your hook longer, but keeping your bait on your hook after missed strikes. Just like tying eggs in spawn sacs, the mesh material sticks to the fish’s teeth as well, giving you a couple more seconds to set the hook.


To tie your own Fire Bait sacs follow the same steps you would as if you were tying spawn sacs. Tying sacs is simple. Start by gathering the following items:

  • spawn meshing, or even spawn scarf (white, chartreuse, pink, orange, peach)
  • spider thread or sewing elastic thread
  • Various colors of FireBait
  • scissors and a container for your spawn sacs

The Step-by-Step Scoop: Making FireBait in Spawn Sacks


Step 1: Lay out a square piece of spawn mesh (your color of choice) on a surface you’ll be using to tie your FireBait sacs.


Step 2: Roll the FireBait into a small ball and place on the mesh.


Step 3: Bring all four corners of the mesh together and tighten the mesh just above your ball of FireBait so the mesh hugs the dough securely.


Step 4: Take your spider thread/sewing elastic thread and give the meshing ten or more tight wraps relatively flush against the top of your dough bait and snap off the remaining thread.


Step 5: Trim the leftover material above the spider thread/sewing elastic.


Step 6: Repeat the first five steps until you have the desired amount of spawn sacs pre-tied for your next day on the water.


This preparation may seem more time consuming, but in my opinion it’s worth putting the time into every sac considering you will have more Fire Bait left in your container by the end of the day. This is one of the few tricks I have when it comes making your presentation last much longer when trout fishing for any species of trout.


I hope this trick helps everyone put a few more trout on the bank.