No Roe? No Problem! Enter Balls O Fire Roe

By Casey Kelley | 08/22/2013

Our family has been curing eggs for more than 80 years. Since Pautzke was created in 1934 we’ve sold more than 90 million jars of cured, single salmon eggs and helped establish trout fishing as a pastime in the Americas. Recently, we figured it was time to share another secret family recipe and released Balls O Fire Roe.

Over the last decade our BorX O Fire and FireCure has gained so much popularity and momentum across the US and we figured why not have a cured egg ready to go for first time and veterans anglers. Adding another product to our line seemed a natural fit and is quickly proving to be the right idea.



(Above) An actual piece of red Balls O Fire Roe on a hook, ready for fishing)

To many fishermen attaining eggs to catch your own salmon or steelhead can be a chore. Many fishermen don’t have the time or patience to cure eggs. We took those obstacles and threw them out window.

Balls O Fire roe takes the guessing game away and paves the way for anglers to spend more time on the water. Our four types of Balls O Fire Roe are cured perfectly for you. You simply tear them out of the package, cut them into chunks, put them on your hook and go fishing. We’ve saved you from a massive mess of doing it yourself and taken the burden of time and hassle spent preparing and curing off your shoulders.


Above (Cured Balls O Fire Roe, ready to be vaccum packed and sealed)

To cater to trout, salmon and steelhead anglers, Balls O’ Fire Roe is available in a Fire Cure (sulfite formula) and BorX O’ Fire formula (borax based formula). Both formulas come in red and natural. All our Balls O Fire Roe are made with real kings, chum and coho roe. Best of all, it’s ready to use straight out of the package.


Do to our industry leading curing process and careful egg preparation, these eggs will milk just like eggs you’ve cured straight out of the fish. You’ll get your First Drift, Every Drift, just like you do when you use our FireCure or BorX O Fire on fresh eggs.


(Above, A piece of Balls O Fire roe, in water, still milking after a 10-minute soak)

There’s no way to keep eggs fresh unless you cut them out of the fish and cure them right away. So we’ve created the next best thing in our revolutionary vacuum-packed sealed package. While all vacuum packed eggs are never as good as fresh caught eggs, these eggs will catch trout, salmon and steelhead right out of the package and they sure beat having no eggs at all.


(Above) Balls O Fire Roe Eggs, After a 30-minute soak in water. Still with color. The white is the eggs slowly milking.)

At certain times of year, and in some areas, fresh eggs are tough to come by and although Balls O Fire Roe isn’t straight out of a fish, they are bled, cured, refrigerated and fish like they were. They are cured, slightly dried and placed into a vacuum-packed shell to keep from spoiling. Simply cut them into your desired size chunks, put them on and egg loop and start fishing!

Editor’s Note: Balls O Fire Roe comes in 6-ounce packages. Casey Kelley is the owner of Pautzke Bait Company and grandson of Dad Pautzke, the mastermind behind the Balls O Fire salmon egg recipe. Balls O Fire Roe is available nationally at many fishing tackle retailers who carry salmon and steelhead products.